Get a visual representation of our working areas and interventions for the Undocumented Mayanmar Nationals and Rohingya Refugees.
Take a look at the services provided to address the humanitarian needs in numbers.
A number of UN agencies, INGOs and local NGOs are working together to support the community.

Inter Sector Coordination Group Portal

This portal serves as a one stop source of the latest information and updates on humanitarian programming for the Undocumented Myanmar Nationals and Rohingya Refugees living in Cox's Bazar.

Newly arrived UMNs since October 2016 (cumulative)

Services Provided by the agencies

Stories from the field

Our dedicated team has been working closely with the community to understand and address the needs of the community. Here's a collection of the stories directly coming from the field.

Collective effort and effective communication to improve the living condition of Rohingyas have always been one of our key priorities. Take a look at some of our existing Behavioral Change Communication Materials.
The humanitarian actors have been continuously conducting studies to understand the complex dynamics of the community for being able to assist with greater capacities. Check out the existing studies from here.
Our partners on the ground ensure global standards through maintaining a number of policies and guidelines set out by the United Nations, Government of Bangladesh and different humanitarian actors across the world.