Hair Treatment in the Summer

Summer is not the best time for hair. Sunlight, salt water, dry wind can make hair dry, brittle and dull in appearance.

Summer hair care plays a key role in the life of the hair, because in the summer you can permanently damage your hair. The sun dries it, destroying the cuticle once and for all. To keep your hair healthy and shiny, you have to take good care of it.

If you are going to spend the whole day in the sun, get ready to use hair care products. Especially if your strands are damaged.

Before you go on a beach holiday, choose hair care products, taking into account their features. In addition, they do not have to require rinsing and be practical in use. Oils or sprays are ideal for relaxing in the sun. Use them before going to the beach, and you will be able to resist the treacherous sunshine!

Nobody forces you to care for your hair before, during and after a beach holiday. However, professionals strongly recommend such a three-phase care. Care after sun exposure is necessary. You can also use care products before or during your stay in the sun, but in no case do not ignore care after returning from the beach. Such a tool will protect the scalp from ultraviolet rays and from the external aggressive environment, nourishing the hair.

Relaxing in the sun be careful of products that at first glance seem to be useful for your hair. For example, a tiara-based remedy is very harmful during staying in the sun. It makes hair dry, contributes to its rapid heating in the sun and worsens its condition.

If you do not have hair care products on hand, use nourishing hair products. They are great for strands after sun exposure. You can also choose dry hair care products that will help you to nourish and protect your hair during the hot period in NYC.


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The Best of CBD Products For You

Since the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes has become legal, considerable progress has been made, but the increase in the medical use of this substance has shown that many problems still exist; The urgent need, for example, to produce definitive scientific evidence regarding the actual benefit of the use of cannabis, adverse reactions or interactions with other drugs, the standardization of dosages, the stability-bioavailability of the active ingredients in the various masterly preparations besides the evaluation of the best pharmaceutical form for the treatment of the many diseases for which it is used.

Use of the Cannabis Oil

Among these, cannabis oil is the preferred and therefore most prescribed form. Over the years, various extractive methods have been developed. Depending on the method, even considerable differences in THC and cbd products content can occur, in addition to the loss of some important other active ingredients linked to extraction processes that require, in some cases, high temperatures.

  • To date there is no single extraction procedure, every doctor prescribes the method that he considers most appropriate and the galenic laboratory performs the prescribed preparation. Hence the extreme variability in the quantity of the active ingredients actually present in the finished product, which determines the uncertainty on the actual quantity of active ingredients that the patient assumes. Precisely for this reason, some pharmaceutical forms (oil) must be subjected to mandatory analysis.
  • Through these analyzes, performed for each individual preparation, the actual content of THC and CBD expressed in mg / ml is known. In this way it is possible to guarantee, through a quick calculation, that a patient can always assume the same concentration even from different settings.

Partial Option

While partially obviating the extreme variability of the finished product, caused by the very nature of cannabis, preparatory pharmacists are successfully working on procedures that allow to always have a “standardized” oil that is always with the same concentration of THC and CBD.

The standardization starts naturally from the selection of genetically stable species up to the production techniques by pharmacy laboratories.

The Perfect Hemp Oil Use

Hemp oil is special oil that is extracted from the seeds of the homonymous plant (Cannabis sativa) by squeezing or extracting. It is green with shades ranging from lighter shades to darker shades. Since it is easily perishable, it is advisable to consume it raw to fully enjoy the nutritional value of this oil. To keep its nutritional properties intact, it is best to store it in a cool, dry place, away from sources of light and heat and after opening, store it in the refrigerator. The best quality hemp oils are those cold pressed and unrefined; in the market is also available refined hemp oil, which is lighter in color and more easily preserved, but is much less valuable from a nutritional point of view.

Medical Benefits for CBD Oil

What Is CBD Oil?

The full form of CBD oil is cannabidiol. This oil is extracted from hemp plants. Hemp plants are one kind of cannabis plants. So, many people think that CBD oil can cause intoxication.

But, cannabis plants have THC. So, marijuana is responsible for intoxication. Hemp plants are grown for medical purposes. CBD oil is extracted from these plants. Hence, CBD oil has a very low amount of THC, So, CBD oil causes no intoxication.

CBD hemp oil is a healthy natural remedy. Different studies have shown that CBD can improve many conditions in the human body. The list of its medical benefits is huge. Some of its important benefits are discussed below.

Medical Benefits of CBD Oil

Helps To Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can cause several mental problems. It can also lead to depression. So, anxiety should be treated with the utmost care.

CBD oil has some great chemical compounds. These compounds work on the human nervous system. So, it can calm down the agitated nerves. In this way it can reduce anxiety and depression.

Helps To Relieve Pain

Chronic pain can make your life hell. It can come and go anytime. So, it becomes difficult for you to live your normal life.

CBD oil works on the pain receptors. These pain receptors inform the brain about any pain. CBD can control these receptors. As a result, you get relief from your pain.

Helps To Improve Sleep Disorders

‘Sleep disorder’ has become a common name. Many people are suffering from this disorder. Stress can cause it. If you don’t sleep well, you can’t focus on your works. Hence, the sleep disorder can affect you.

CBD oil can calm down your nerves. So, it can give you a better sleep. This oil never forces you to sleep. Hence, you can improve your sleep naturally.

Helps To Treat Nerve Disorders

Nerve disorder can happen to anybody. CBD oil can fight these nerve disorders. It can fight epilepsy and schizophrenia. Moreover, it can also improve Alzheimer’s patient’s condition. Many studies have shown that CBD oil is effective for these nerve disorders.

Helps To Fight Cancer

Cancer treatments can cause an immense amount of pain. Chemotherapy and other treatments often become unbearable to a cancer patient. CBD oil can reduce this pain.

Apart from that, CBD oil can slow down the growth of cancer. Though It was revealed by an unofficial study.

CBD oil has many health benefits. You can choose CBD oil to live a healthy and active life. But, you should always consult your doctor before using this oil.

Miller Fisher syndrome, internal and external ophthalmoplegia after influenza vaccination


Mill operator Fisher disorder (SMF) is a monophasic polyradiculopathy. It is portrayed by the great ternion of ophthalmoplegia(กล้ามเนื้อตาอ่อนแรง which is the term in Thai Ophthalmoplegia)  ataxia, and areflexia. It is normally connected with respiratory or stomach related diseases.

We present the instance of a patient with SMF whose lone foundation was to have been immunized against this season’s cold virus five days prior.

Clinical case

A 64-year-old male persistent was alluded to the Ophthalmology crisis division for double vision and unsteadiness, without evidently other striking indications; be that as it may, insecurity in standing was not legitimate just by diplopia.

As the main history of intrigue, the patient announced having been immunized against this season’s flu virus five days prior.

The visual sharpness was 0.7 in the two eyes (AO), and exhibited both widened and refractive understudies, with no past contact with mydriatics It displayed a restriction in the kidnapping of OA, more prominent in the left eye (OI) in the supraduction of OA  and trouble for the remainder of the visual developments, alluding to flat diplopia. The rest of the eye assessment was ordinary.

At the point when the conclusion is associated with a Miller Fisher disorder, he is alluded to the Neurology Department, which identifies an ataxic walk, hyporeflexia, and precludes appendage shortcoming, choosing confirmation for development and complete investigation. The aftereffects of blood tests and registered tomography (CT) performed in the crisis division were typical.

At 24 hours after affirmation, respiratory trouble gave the idea that necessary oxygen and physiotherapy, and in the next weeks, he grew new neurological manifestations: facial loss of motion, dysphonia, and dysphagia.

During affirmation, a lumbar cut was performed in which an egg whites cytological separation was distinguished, and an atomic attractive reverberation imaging (MRI) that unquestionably precluded space-involving sore or demyelination. The electromyographic study didn’t give extra data.

The immunological examination was specific for the counter GQ-1b immunizer, unquestionably affirming the underlying analysis.

The patient improved from his side effects two weeks after confirmation, having gotten two cycles of immunoglobulins. The clinical advancement was moderate and polysymptomatic, with diplopia enduring with restricted reciprocal snatching.


Mill operator Fisher disorder is a fringe neurological condition that is related as a rule with an irresistible procedure (1), particularly respiratory or stomach related. The normal time of the beginning of neurological side effects after contamination is 1-2 weeks, and the analysis depends on exhibiting seroconversion. It is once in a while connected with the procedure in its intense stage (2). Our case was not related to persistent or intense disease, yet with this season’s cold virus immunization.

The Perfect Detox Program As Per Your Requirement Now

Teens can also use tobacco in other forms. About 3.3% of the population over 18 years of age and about 7.9% of secondary school students use smokeless tobacco. Smokeless tobacco can be chewed (chewing tobacco), placed between the lower lip and the gum (tobacco that is laid behind the lip) or sniff (snuff). Smoking pipe is relatively rare in the United States, although since 1999 it has increased among students in the middle and upper classes of higher education. The percentage of people over 12 who smoke cigars has decreased.

Parents can prevent smoking of adolescents and the use of smokeless tobacco products, presenting a positive model of behavior (in other words, smoking and not chewing tobacco), openly discussing the dangers associated with using tobacco and encouraging adolescents who have just started to smoke or chew-throw, if necessary, their support in the search for medical assistance (Non-smoking: Quitting smoking in children). The detox phuket happens to be essentially important here.

Other substances

Other substances include amphetamines and methamphetamine, cocaine, anabolic steroids, opioids and so-called “date-rape drugs” and club drugs (eg, methylenedioxymethamphetamine [MDMA or ecstasy], ketamine, and gamma-hydroxybutyrate [GHB]). In 2007, about 47% of secondary school graduates used similar and other substances at a certain period of their lives.

  • About 2% of high school graduates used anabolic steroids ( Anabolic steroids ) in their lives. Although the use of steroids is more common among athletes, people who are not themselves are not insured. The use of anabolic steroids is associated with a number of adverse effects, including premature closure of the growth zone, which leads to a constant short stature. Other adverse effects are common, both for adolescents and adults.
  • Many medications used in clinics cannot be purchased at pharmacies (especially without a prescription). This can be considered a strong argument in favor of treatment in a hospital. During the “breaking”, general complications, including those with malfunctions in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, are not excluded. In the conditions of a specialized medical institution, the patient’s condition is constantly monitored, and in the event of any violations, measures for their correction are made in a timely manner. Cleansing the body takes on average 5 to 2 weeks.

Issues With Opioids

People taking opioids can optionally implant (sew under the skin) special drugs – blockers of opioid receptors (in particular – Naltrexone). This anti-relapse measure allows stopping the negative consequences of a possible breakdown, i.e., another episode of taking a “heavy” drug.

By itself, detoxification does not lead to recovery; this is just one of the ways to treat drug addiction, or rather – its first stage, bringing physical relief. If the therapy is interrupted at the stage of abstinence withdrawal, then after returning to the familiar social environment, the patient will almost 100% chance to start using drugs again. In connection with this, it is of great importance to conduct psychotherapy in order to change the prevailing stereotypes of behavior. Only a long day’s work with a psychologist in a rehab center will help change attitudes. The rehabilitation period can last up to 3 months.

Apps That Can Put a Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

Gyms will always recommend getting a personal trainer for best results. They are not wrong; a personal trainer will guide you through your workouts, plan your workouts, and ensure you have the correct form. However, in this digital world, a personal trainer can just be a health and fitness app. In other words, you can always carry your very own trainer in your pocket. Here is a list of fitness apps that can work as your trainers:


The best part about this app is that it is a one-stop-shop for all your fitness needs. With this app, you can plan your workout routines and track your progress. Once, you are in the gym, the app takes over. It monitors your workout and even plans your rest periods. Moreover, it records your info for future references and provides you with instructions and animations on how to perform an exercise. Also, you can find newer exercise routines to follow.

StrongLifts 5×5

If you want to see fast results and do not mind lifting weights, then this app is perfect for you. If you follow the instructions right for just three workout routines per week, you can get stronger and fitter. This app is designed to recognize your personal needs and accordingly provide instructions. It tells you what routines are best for you and how much weight you can lift.


This GPS-enabled fitness app helps you track multiple details of your workout along with distance, pace, time, calories burned. The app provides you with real-time voice feedback; thus, eliminating the need to check your phone. Also, it lets you create playlists. To keep its users motivated the app lets them compete in an in-app game called “Move your Bot.”

Skimble Workout Trainer

People have their own fitness goals. Whether you need to build muscles, lose weight, or tone your body, this app can take care of it. It has free instructions by expert trainers in the form of photos, videos, and step-by-step audio to guide you through your workout routines and achieve maximum results. These trainers will encourage you to do better, even more so on days when you are not at your best. Further, the fun “Shakerciser” feature of the app lets you choose a random workout depending on the time you have and your area of focus.


This is one of the many apps that pay you to exercise. They reward you for meeting your fitness goals. The best performers of the month are rewarded at the end of each month. This creates a competitive environment that helps you achieve more. There is a bigger award waiting for you if you are the best performer of the year. Also, users can share their exercise routines with the other members.

GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer

If you are into yoga, calisthenics, plyometrics, and strength training then this app is for you. The app provides you with fitness programs from 350+ exercises designed by real-life trainers. The high-def training images and voice commands help you master your form and technique.

Your health and wellness goals are as important as your personal and professional goals. Achieving them will help you in achieving your other goals as well.

The Smartest Treatments with CBD Oil Now

Strain seed oil is, as the name implies, extracted from hemp seed. Hemp seed is not psychoactive (4 mg THC / kg) when consumed. Hemp oil is legal in most countries and is sold in grocery stores and with other types of oil.

CBD oil

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis flowers, preferably from a species that contains a very high amount of CBD (cannabidiol).

  • The oil has no hallucinogenic properties.
  • Cbd oil is also extracted from hemp. Because hemp fiber is very small, there is very little medicine in this oil.
  • Therefore, oil is mainly used as a nutritional supplement. CBD oil is only sold in places where it is expressly legal.

Medicinal properties

What CBD oil and hemp seed oil have in common is that they are not psychoactive, which plays an important role in their popularity.

Especially in countries where cannabis is not legal, these drugs are a safer alternative to cannabis consumption. Minors also have access to medical reasons.

Hemp seed oil

Refined hemp seed oil is generally considered as a food.

As a result, it is legal in most countries. It has numerous health effects and is therefore a very popular “superfood”.

  • Protein rich
  • Full of polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3
  • Vitamin E antioxidants
  • Linoleic acid (positively affects aging / skin conditions)

Hemp seed oil contains, must say, a small CBD. However, such a small amount has only a positive effect on patients suffering from non-severe or mild conditions.

To this day, it is still difficult to mention all of the medical properties of CBD, as new scientific and suspicious evidence is constantly being sought.

It is advisable to inform you of the method used and the general quality of the product before purchasing CBD oil.


The external differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil are often related to the quality of both products. Refined hemp seed oil and CBD oil can both be lighter or darker in color, age, storage method, etc.

Two types of oil are extracted from the same polymorphic plant species, which explains why they generally look identical. Both have a full, golden-green color that is reminiscent of olive oil.

Hemp oil is known by different names: hemp seed oil, hemp oil, culinary hemp, and sometimes cannabis oil. Hemp oil is not only the clearest but also the best name. To determine if hemp oil, or any of the other names mentioned above, is truly hemp seed oil, you should look at the list of ingredients.

Although a false or vague name may be motivated by marketing and / or packaging reasons, the list of ingredients must be clear. On the other hand, CBD oil must not be mixed with any other product for labeling purposes. In most cases, the term CBD oil is also used in the description or packaging of the product. Very rarely do you find the word cannabis oil. However, it is detrimental not to use the term CBD as it is ultimately one of the most important products in the drug cannabis industry.

Get smooth and youthful skin with effective thread lift

Flawless, younger-looking skin can instantly grab attention of others. Apparently with aging the natural glow and firmness of the skin reduce drastically which could impact your overall look and personality. Earlier to fix jowls and drooping cheeks, facelift surgery was the only option but now a simple, nonsurgical and cost-effective method known as facial thread lift has been introduced, which is becoming extremely popular among people who want to avoid surgical procedure. With successful facial threading (ร้อยไหม which is the term in thai) patient can get more rested and firm looking skin instantly after the procedure.

Quick recovery time

In today’s fast lifestyle everyone wants a quick result. Thread lift procedure takes 60 minutes and the patients do not have to wait for two to three weeks for recovery and to see the visible outcome. A thread lift is perfect and feasible solution to rid of wrinkles, sagging, creases and folds in the skin for busy professionals or parents of small kids who have their commitment and responsibilities. Although it is a low-risk procedure if you suspect any infection, nerve injuries, migration of sutures, contour irregularities, etc. consult the doctor immediately.

Take proper care

Pre and post-procedure care and precautions play vital role in recovery process hence consider few factors and get best value for your money

  • Avoid touching and rubbing face vigorously for one week
  • Prop your head up slightly while sleeping
  • Stay away from heat exposure such as sauna bath, hair dryer, hot compress, BBQ, etc.
  • Avoid spicy foods and stop smoking

Be well informed

Discuss with the cosmetic surgeon about your health condition, medication, allergies, pain tolerance ability, type of thread used, the material of the thread, estimated cost, etc. beforehand so that you can make informed decisions. Go through the reviews and articles related to the thread lift specialist and the procedure in reliable platforms such as Honestdoc and ask questions to the reputable doctor via this platform and clear all doubts before the procedure.

Nurses At Home: Take Care Of Your Health At Home

The difficulties that patients or people with health problems must go through to travel and receive qualified care in hospitals and other public or private health centers, make these users increasingly seek home help. This is the case of the service home nurses who produce many specialized agencies in the country.

Advantages Of Hiring A Nurse At Home

The benefits that emerge from this service are innumerable, but they all concern the same issue: patient care and improvement. The following are the advantages of a Nursing care for patients at home (พยาบาลดูแลผู้ป่วยที่บ้าน, which is the term in Thai).

Raise The Patient’s Well-Being

With treatment from home we will not only maximize the available resources and shorten the recovery time, but we will forget all the complex logistics that can lead to transferring the patient to the hospital.

In cases where we are faced with people with reduced mobility or contexts in which it is better not to leave home, having a home assistance service can be key in the recovery of the patient.

Postoperative Care

As we all know, the feeling of leaving the operating room and getting home can be devastating. Having to face all the processes of healing and care can be a real headache, both for ourselves and for our family members. A home nursing service will pave us the way of recovery.


There may be days when we cannot go to the hospital to recover or when we have a family member, and we need to change the time of visit at home. In these cases, it is as simple as talking to our nurses (พยาบาลเฝ้าไข้, which is the term in Thai) to adjust the schedule to our needs, without this causing more trouble.

The wide hours of attention and visits mean that there is always an hour in which to carry out the treatment.

Instant Improvement

The large team of experts dedicated to patient care will cause the patient to shorten the recovery time to the maximum, positively impacting the patient’s health. Being a completely personalized treatment, its impact on our health will be reflected from the beginning.

Most Promising Nursing Assistant Courses

To work as a nursing assistant, it is necessary to have an official degree, issued by authorized vocational training centers. With this qualification, you can present yourself to the corresponding oppositions or the selective processes of private companies.

However, and as expected, the nursing assistant course (หลักสูตร ผู้ ช่วย พยาบาล, which is the term in Thai) added will come with pearls to increase training and improve the chances of working in the sector. In the following point I show you some of the most interesting:

Advanced Nursing Assistant Course – UPM / MasterD Chair

Do you have the title of a nursing assistant and would like to deepen the knowledge of the profession? Then this magnificent UPM / MasterD Chair course will come with pearls. And for the record, it will be useful for you if you don’t have the official degree.

Through this training, you will learn the generalities for nursing assistants, you will know what the techniques and care are to become a nursing assistant, you will learn what is necessary about prevention and health promotion, you will see what is appropriate about common pathologies and even about esthetic.

Auxiliary Nursing Course – CEAC

Through this magnificent course, you will learn everything you need to become nursing assistants. And for the record it is a Middle Cycle, so the training is official.

Thanks to this course you will learn everything you need about administrative operations and health documentation, you will gain knowledge of anatomy and the most frequent pathologies. The truth is that it is one of the complete nursing assistant course 6 months (หลักสูตร ผู้ ช่วย พยาบาล 6 เดือน, which is the term in Thai) currently available, so I would recommend that you take a look.

Auxiliary Course Of Geriatric Nursing – CCC

The geriatric sector is one of the most projected in the healthcare world, as there are more and more and more and more specialized personnel are needed to meet their needs.

You will learn everything you need about hygiene, mobilizations, ulcer treatments, incontinence, medication administration or even preparations for surgery. On the other hand, you will also know the most remarkable aspects of ageing, geriatric assessment, geriatric syndromes, mental health disorders and much more.