How I Use CBD Oil to Promote a Sense of Calm to Get Rid of Stress — Rebekah  Joan

What is CBD?

Ever since CBD has shown potential benefits in human health, it is the talk of the town; every single person is out there to buy CBD products and searching about them. The cannabis plant is the main source of cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-intoxicating compound. While cannabis plants come in different varieties, studying them has become a pressing matter for researchers. 

Research on CBD

Since the researches on CBD are still in its initial stages, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved its uses, aside from one drug (Epidiolex) taken for epilepsy. CBD has shown anti-inflammatory properties like its counterpart THC, but unlike it, it is not addictive. People are taking it for pain, to calm nerves, and to manage a variety of conditions. A few sources claim that CBD also offers a potential cure for Alzheimer’s.

There are a variety of CBD products regulating in the market, but it is worth noting that some can be more bioavailable in nature than others, meaning our body is quick to absorb some forms. In order to give you a detailed analysis on the matter, we have listed four potent ways to consume CBD so you can decide what will suit best to your needs. 

CBD can be consumed in the form of edibles

CBD Edibles will kick in a little late compared to sublingual products, as these go through the digestive tract and liver first. However, munching on CBD is a great way to keep the CBD flowing in your bloodstream and also dodge any “weedy” taste with the tasty baked goods, gummies, mints, truffles, or literally anything you can include it in. There are also a ton of vegan CBD gummies in the market for health-conscious people. 

Sublingual CBD Products

If you want to steer clear of any sort of addictions, be it consuming sugary edibles, try the sublingual form of CBD. These products come in a spray or liquid form, easily dilatable in nature, and can be efficiently absorbed by the tongue. The market is filled with the best CBD tinctures readily available on the top shelves. Sprays, tablets, and even oils are effective sublingual products containing a higher amount of CBD, and thus offering fast results.

Apply CBD on the skin in its topical form

If you are trying to steer clear of intaking CBD in any way but still want to try out its miraculous properties, you can go for CBD topical products. These include lotions, gels, creams, balms, patches, and ointments infused with CBD oil. 

CBD topicals work in a subtle way and are best for treating skin conditions or allergies like eczema. You can also use CBD topicals to cure muscle conditions like swelling, as they will offer relief to the area by penetrating the skin membrane.  

More therapeutic CBD topical products are those that contain capsaicin and camphor; both of these contain an amount of menthol. 

CBD can be smoked 

For the most potent CBD effects, it can be smoked just like marijuana. A cannabis plant that contains high levels of CBD can be used in a joint. However, if you’re confused about taking the high concentration of CBD intake with the above-mentioned method, as this can expose you to carcinogens, you can also take it in a vaporizer by cartridge filled with CBD oil.

Uses of CBD Oil

CBD oil is one of the most marketed products that can be taken in various ways; it is edible, inhalable, smoke-able, and can even be applied when combined with a lotion or a gel. CBD concentrates such as sugar waxes with any vape pen that has a chamber for concentrates. 

The most potent way of intaking CBD oil is by inhaling it via vape pens, as it will allow the concentrates to mix directly with your bloodstream and offer fast results.