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While acne is common during the puberty phase in humans, it can continue for much longer in many people and can leave lifelong scars. This can also affect self-image in many people. Some acne scars do not even respond to home treatments and require more vigorous approaches to produce some visible reduction. 

Get rid of acne scars in Fort Worth, Texas at Northstar Dermatology clinic. Their renowned dermatologist is certified and has good hands-on experience at treating acne scars and improving the feel and look of the skin of their patients. They follow an evidence-based approach to determine the treatment plan that suits your specific condition. Micro-needling or scar removal surgery can be performed based on the severity of your condition.  

Acne scar treatments

One single approach towards reducing acne scars does not work. Every individual responds to treatment differently and sometimes needs a combination therapy approach to produce any visible changes in the skin. Some of the treatment methods suggested by dermatologists in Fort Worth, Texas are:

  1. OTC scar removal creams:
  • The use of sunscreen can reduce the visibility of scars. 
  • OTC ointments containing hydroxy acids and retinoids can also cause a visible reduction in scars for many. 
  1. Salicylic acid-based treatment:
  • Salicylic-based ointments are generally responsive to most forms of acne scars and are commonly found in most acne care products. 
  1. Use of natural home remedies:
  • Traditionally people have used many home remedies to get rid of acne scars. 
  • Aloe Vera gel, Shea butter, and raw honey are commonly applied on scars to heal them over time. 
  1. Chemical peels:
  • TCA-containing peels are prescribed by dermatologists to treat scarring. 
  • Glycolic acid is also found in some peels, but is generally less effective. 
  1. Dermal fillers:
  • This treatment method is used for atrophic scars and repeated treatment visits are required after about 6-18 months.
  • The use of various soft tissue fillers can reduce the visibility of scars temporarily. 
  1. Laser treatment:
  • With the use of a laser, the upper damaged skin layer is removed. 
  • Thus, the younger skin cells that appear on top are free from scars. However, the sensitivity of treatment is different for every individual. 
  1. Micro-needling:
  • This procedure stimulates collagen production and helps in smoothing out the skin in the affected area. 
  1. Surgery:
  • This is often the last resort and uses punch excision to remove each scar and repair the skin using skin grafts. 

If your acne scars are not showing any improvement with home remedies or OTC ointments, visit a nearby dermatologist in your area in Fort Worth, Texas to discuss a treatment plan that can work on your acne scars.