Gyms will always recommend getting a personal trainer for best results. They are not wrong; a personal trainer will guide you through your workouts, plan your workouts, and ensure you have the correct form. However, in this digital world, a personal trainer can just be a health and fitness app. In other words, you can always carry your very own trainer in your pocket. Here is a list of fitness apps that can work as your trainers:


The best part about this app is that it is a one-stop-shop for all your fitness needs. With this app, you can plan your workout routines and track your progress. Once, you are in the gym, the app takes over. It monitors your workout and even plans your rest periods. Moreover, it records your info for future references and provides you with instructions and animations on how to perform an exercise. Also, you can find newer exercise routines to follow.

StrongLifts 5×5

If you want to see fast results and do not mind lifting weights, then this app is perfect for you. If you follow the instructions right for just three workout routines per week, you can get stronger and fitter. This app is designed to recognize your personal needs and accordingly provide instructions. It tells you what routines are best for you and how much weight you can lift.


This GPS-enabled fitness app helps you track multiple details of your workout along with distance, pace, time, calories burned. The app provides you with real-time voice feedback; thus, eliminating the need to check your phone. Also, it lets you create playlists. To keep its users motivated the app lets them compete in an in-app game called “Move your Bot.”

Skimble Workout Trainer

People have their own fitness goals. Whether you need to build muscles, lose weight, or tone your body, this app can take care of it. It has free instructions by expert trainers in the form of photos, videos, and step-by-step audio to guide you through your workout routines and achieve maximum results. These trainers will encourage you to do better, even more so on days when you are not at your best. Further, the fun “Shakerciser” feature of the app lets you choose a random workout depending on the time you have and your area of focus.


This is one of the many apps that pay you to exercise. They reward you for meeting your fitness goals. The best performers of the month are rewarded at the end of each month. This creates a competitive environment that helps you achieve more. There is a bigger award waiting for you if you are the best performer of the year. Also, users can share their exercise routines with the other members.

GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer

If you are into yoga, calisthenics, plyometrics, and strength training then this app is for you. The app provides you with fitness programs from 350+ exercises designed by real-life trainers. The high-def training images and voice commands help you master your form and technique.

Your health and wellness goals are as important as your personal and professional goals. Achieving them will help you in achieving your other goals as well.