When you have tried all means to get rid of your addiction, the only option left is to shift to a rehabilitation centre for a few days or months. But just because you are an addict does not mean that you will spend your money on a centre that will not be able to provide you with the right quality of service. You are ready to stay away from your family and friends so that you can get rid of all your bad habits. Unless the therapists at the centre have proper knowledge and qualification about the process of therapy, the investment will not be wise. 

A director with proper degree

Qualification does matter when a person is the director of a Drug RehabUnless the person has an advanced degree certificate in behavioural science, the person has no authorization to open a centre or charge money in exchange for therapeutic service. The person must have the ability to judge your condition and find out the reasons that make you an addicted person. So look out for the centres where the director has enough qualification, as well as expertise to carry on therapies and manage the recruitment of equally competent practitioners. 

Sessions available

Know how the Rehab is planning the therapy meetings. Group sessions and individual sessions are necessary for the progress in your mental and physical condition. The practitioners must know how to inspire you mentally so that you grow the determination not to touch the drugs ever in your life. You cannot stay in the rehab for a lifetime. The responsibility of the therapists is to make you independent and strong. You should be able to manage the stress yourself without the intake of any alcohol or drugs. To explain these things, a group of well-trained and experienced therapists are mandatory for any centre.