Benefits Of Detox

Detox is a trend that is picked up by many  people. Detox is the detoxification of the body to relieve the organs. In particular, the intestine, liver and kidneys should be cleaned so that they can perform their tasks more efficiently. The intestine is primarily responsible for the digestion and processing of our food. Foods high in fat, foods containing gluten, alcohol, coffee and sugar make it difficult for the intestines to workeit. Digestion is delayed, which is manifested by excessive fatigue. Alcohol consumption also affects the liver, which is responsible for the utilization of the nutrients contained in our food. If she is primarily concerned with the breakdown of alcohol, the nutrient intake is not sufficient. In addition, the liver passes on filtered toxins, which also get into the circulation through the consumption of cigarettes, to the kidneys so that they are excreted. If this entire system is overloaded, ever higher concentrations of these harmful substances remain in the body.

Components Of Detox

Detox is based on an adequate hydration of at least two liters of still water or unsweetened herbal tea or apple tea (ชาแอปเปิ้ล, which is the term in Thai). In addition, doing without the foods mentioned above is crucial. Smoking should also be stopped. Wheat and other cereals containing gluten can be replaced by quinoa or millet, the body receives the necessary oils and fats from eating avocados or various nuts. Meat is not on the menu because the high acidity puts too much strain on the intestines. The main foods are salads or vegetables. As a rule of thumb, green vegetables are best suited because the high proportion of chlorophyll accelerates the regeneration of the liver. Bitter substances contained in dandelions or artichokes are also beneficial for detoxification of the liver and kidneys. After the first few days seem unusual and it may well be that mood swings occur, the following days the body feels better. Fatigue and sluggishness disappear, which is especially noticeable in the morning.

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