Can you do everything after the procedure? It is best not to touch your lips for 48 hours. Also, avoid the gym for a few days, because sports will make your blood flow faster. The best lip filler London comes up with the smartest options now.

Can you undo it?

Lip fillers are not permanent anyway. The effect usually remains visible for three months to a year. If you do not have the treatment performed again afterwards, your lips will return to their original state. If you are really very dissatisfied, you can also have the lip fillers undone. A special enzyme that is injected into your lips dissolves the filler in just a few minutes.

Can you use unlimited lip fillers?

With lip fillers you actually just inject a gel, so you always get effect. Of course you should not exaggerate in this, otherwise you quickly get a very unnatural mouth. Your lips will also become less firm over time and lip fillers may come in handy. The hyaluronic acid causes your cells to age less. But as your skin gets older, your lips will eventually stand out if you continue to use lip fillers.

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Are there any risks involved?

The biggest risk is that the picture is no longer correct. If you have injected too much or have had the treatment performed too often, your lips may be out of proportion to the rest of the face. That is precisely why it is so important to listen to the doctor’s opinion. Often they see better than we what fits our face.

Sometimes you sometimes read horror stories on the internet about failed interventions. Often it is because the treatment was done with an unsuitable doctor. So do not choose the cheapest option, but do thorough research before entering a practice. But it can also just as well fail because the patient asked too much. Therefore always listen to the doctor’s advice.

In exceptional cases, complications can also occur, such as a blood clot. If you get a lot of pain after the treatment, go to a doctor as soon as possible.

Less drastic solution

Would you like full lips, but without a cosmetic intervention? Nowadays there are also many makeup products that make your mouth look fuller. For example, you can slightly overlap your lips with a lip pencil and lipstick.

Research shows that the eyes and mouth is the first thing we notice when we look at someone and that fuller lips give a more beautiful and sensual appearance.  In addition, it also appears that full lips provide a youthful appearance. Women who, relatively speaking, have fuller lips look younger and women with a youthful appearance are usually labeled as more attractive and are popular with men.