The pandemic has hit us all hard. It has been two years since the whole world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic. This global threat has infected millions and many died as well. Different types of vaccines have been manufactured against this novel virus and people are getting their shots every day! However, the vaccines don’t ensure 100% safety against the infection thus precaution is still a must! Health researchers and government officials urge people to practice social distance and wear face masks while going out in public.

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Considering face masks, there are a variety of coverings available in the market. Many manufacturers have come forward with several mask types each with its level of security. For instance, you’ve cloth masks, medical/surgical masks, NIOSH-approved respirators, etc. This article will help you explore each type including American made N95 masks. So, let’s have a look.

1.   Cloth Masks

These are the simplest masks that you have in the market. They are made of simple fabric and are much breathable. This mask type comes with no enhanced protection against the SARS-Cov-2 but can help your mouth to prevent leaks. Also, the multiple layers of the fabric block light when you are exposed to a bright light source. Cloth masks are available almost everywhere. Many clothing brands are selling cloth masks with their dresses as well. However, you can prepare one at home by watching the tutorials available on the internet. Make sure to use high-quality, breathable fabric and tuck in a nose wire for an easy and firm fit.       

2.   Disposable Masks

Disposable masks are popularly known as surgical or medical procedure masks. Before the pandemic struck us, these masks were popular among medical professionals and they used to wear them while carrying out some surgery or operation. They are widely available around the market and are made of multiple layers of non-woven material. The metal strip around the nose prevents leakage of respiratory droplets. Note, when buying a disposable mask, make sure it doesn’t have gaps around the sides and isn’t made of some wet or dirty stuff.

Many times, people combine cloth and surgical masks for added safety. For example, they wear a disposable mask underneath and a cloth mask over it. This may work but in a normal healthy environment, not in a hospital or somewhere with a high infection rate.    

3.   Respirators

These are the most high-quality face masks you could have. This is because they are designed to meet international standards. They are approved by NIOSH which evaluates them against specific US standards of quality requirement. American-made N95 masks are the most trusted and widely available respirators used against the Coronavirus. Since the product is trusted worldwide, many fake manufacturers started selling counterfeits in the market. Therefore, you are requested to check your mask properly before purchasing. An ideal American-made N95 mask is made of very fine non-woven composite material, has breathing valves for stable breathing, air filters, a strong nose wire, and tight rubber bands to tuck behind the ears. The mask comes with a super-easy fit but a firm grip and is labeled NIOSH-approved. They ensure 95% protection against airborne infections by filtering the breathing air as much as possible.

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