Common drugs include marijuana, hashish, amphetamine, LSD, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin. Medicines can also be considered as drugs when misused.

Possession and sale of drugs are forbidden by law, therefore crimes. If you receive, buy or sell drugs, you commit a crime.

Drug dealers are moving among people

You can meet drug dealers at dance venues, cafes, rock concerts, on the street, almost anywhere. Familiar or unfamiliar people may first offer the drug cheaply or even for free. The seller never offers the drug because he wants to be friendly. He wants to make you a drug abuser so that you keep buying drugs from him. In the future, the price will be more expensive. As you opt for detox Thailand you can have the best choices.

First drug experiment

All drug users have started with their first experiment. Some drugs have become problematic even after the first attempt. They have become regular drug users, or drug addicts. Don’t take drugs from anyone. Refuse drugs, even if they are offered by a good friend.

The effect of drugs

Drugs affect people in different ways. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately describe their impact. The effect of a drug depends, for example, on the quantity and quality of the drug. Experiences for the same drug may be different.

Aggressive and paralyzing drugs

Roughly speaking, there are two types of drugs: some are arousing, others are paralyzing.

Addictive drugs will temporarily raise your mood and increase your alertness. These include amphetamine, ecstasy and cocaine.

Depressant drugs, such as heroin, provide a soothing feeling. Some drugs also cause hallucinations, meaning the user hears and sees things that do not exist.

The effects of the drug usually last for a few hours, sometimes less. A drug user is not in control of his behavior. She can suddenly become angry or depressed and do and say things she doesn’t want.


Continued drug use can lead to addiction. Someone who has used drugs for a while will notice that he wants them more and more often. Soon he can’t be without drugs and the same dose is no longer enough. Physical dependence means that the body requires drugs.

Withdrawal symptoms

Discontinuation causes withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, tremors, sweating, pain, anxiety and seizures. Mental addiction is the feeling of being forced to get drugs to be able to live.

Drug abuse and crime

Drug dependence is developing gradually. At first, drug use can be a random experiment. In the beginning, the user does not notice the problems caused by the drug. He is also still able to do his job or survive school.

Gradually the drug becomes the most important thing in his life. There is no time left for hobbies, friends and other life. It’s hard for him to stop using drugs, even if he wanted to. He uses drugs, although he has noticed that they are causing ever more serious problems.