Gastric sleeve surgery has emerged as one of the most popular methods to reduce weight and help in lowering morbid obesity. If you are looking to undergo sleeve gastrectomy, you are to understand that the procedure is a long recovery process, and it mainly depends on the lifestyle that you maintain.

Gastrectomy will help in reducing about 60% of the extra weight, but it is no magical treatment. After the procedure, the gastric sleeve surgery recovery time depends on – a healthy diet must be maintained, and this will help in recovering more quickly and helps to sustain your weight in an optimum way.

After the surgery, patients are to stay at the hospital for a night to monitor if there are any complications.

To better understand how long does it take to recover from gastric sleeve surgery we shall go through the timeline post-surgery –

  • One day after the gastric sleeve

The anesthesia will be completely worn off, and you will be allowed to drink water and move around. It is normal to feel slight pain and weakness, nausea, and fatigue. Most patients don’t feel hungry after the operation and mostly only feel thirsty, so clear liquids can be given. You will probably get discharged later in the day.

  • One week after the gastric sleeve

You will have little to no pain, and the patient will be allowed to drink thicker liquids like protein shakes. This is crucial for sleeve surgery recovery time.

  • Three weeks after the gastric sleeve

You will return to regular routines by three weeks’ time. But it would help if you remembered that your body is still recovering and must get used to the new dietary habits.

There should not be any pain by now, you can now eat soft food, but you must stick to the diet recommended by the doctor.

  • One month after gastric sleeve

You will be allowed to eat solid food now, along with the soft food. Well cooked vegetables, poultry, beef, fish, and fruit can be consumed. You would have lost about 25lbs by now, and you will feel lighter and more energetic.

  • Six months after gastric sleeve

By this point, you would have lost about 50lbs of your weight, and your appearance would be considerably thinner. You can eat any of the food you like, but while sticking to the dietary restrictions and not going overboard with your food consumption. You can start a more rigorous work out routine to maintain your shape.

The recovery time for gastric sleeve can vary from patient to patient, but you will start getting more back to a healthy life in about 6-10 months after the gastric sleeve procedure. The gastric sleeve in Baltimore is noteworthy for its efficient planning and specialist dietary plans for the recovery post-gastric sleeve. These services of gastric sleeve in Baltimore is recommended for people looking for weightloss and tackling obesity in the area of Baltimore.