Pros and Cons of Removable and Fixed Retainers | Cawthra Dental

If straightening your teeth was a lengthy procedure for you, you should do everything you can to maintain your smile in line. For many people, wearing their retainer after removing their braces or completing their Invisalign treatment is a no-brainer. Wearing a retainer might become more of a headache with time. However, it helps if you understand the importance of retainers in maintaining your success. Listed below are a few main reasons why you should not let go of your Brooklyn retainers just yet:

Keeps the teeth straight

There are no issues with tooth alignment when braces are removed. When worn regularly, the retainer will maintain the teeth in place for a long time. The good thing about having a veneer on your teeth is that your smile will remain as beautiful as new for an extended period. If you do not know what you are doing, you will have to start the procedure again. The doctor’s advice might be beneficial in the long run. When you consider the consequences of your indifference, it is preferable to endure the discomfort of a bit of suffering than to avoid it at all costs. A beautiful smile is worth the tiny amount you spend on it.

Breathing becomes easier

A lesser-known benefit of retainers is that they may help children breathe more easily. Orthodontic retainers are not only used to straighten teeth and align jaws, but you may also utilize them to alleviate sleep apnea or difficulty breathing at night.

Help keep the teeth and gums clean.

Straight teeth are easy to brush and floss. When teeth are crooked, germs and food residue may accumulate in the crevices and nooks of the teeth and gums. It is simpler to clean your teeth by brushing and flossing if your teeth are straight. Having crooked teeth may lead to infections, cavities, and other long-term health problems, so straightening them with braces is not only for aesthetic reasons.

It helps maintain that beautiful smile.

If you want to modify your smile forever, braces are an investment that is well worth it. Orthodontic therapy has been shown to boost self-esteem and confidence. People that smile straighter look more beautiful, more accomplished, confident, and trustworthy in the eyes of the public. Only a few months of orthodontic treatment and braces are required to get all of these advantages. Considering all of the attractive benefits you will get over time, that is not awful. On the other hand, Retainers help maintain a straight and healthy smile after braces have been removed.

Keep your teeth’ structure in place for the rest of your life with the help of retainers. In the first month of wearing your retainers, you must do all in your power to avoid complications. During this period, teeth are more likely to return to their original crooked form.

Prevention is always preferable to treatment. Follow the doctor’s advice to the letter, and everything will be OK. Retainers, like seen above, assist in maintaining your teeth in ideal form by keeping them aligned. They also help avoid speech impairments, snoring, and heavy breathing and increase the ability to chew and swallow.