Who is a Candidate for Spine Surgery?: Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates,  LLP: Orthopedic Surgery

Almost all of us have experienced occasional back pain at some point in our lives. According to statistics, approximately eight percent of adults in America have chronic back pain that negatively affects their quality of life. If your spine injury condition is persistent and does not respond to other treatments. At Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, the board-certified orthopedic surgeons offer thorough examination and a wide variety of spine surgery in East Brunswick to relieve your pain and get you back to doing your normal activities. Contact the office or book an appointment via the online scheduling tool today if you need spine surgery!

What Are the Conditions That Need Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery is not mostly recommended as the first-line approach for treating spine injuries and back pain. However, some of the back problems might need surgical interventions. Some of the recommended conditions for treatment in terms of spinal surgery include;

·         Compression fractures

·         Spinal stenosis

·         Herniated discs

·         Scoliosis

·         Nerve problems

·         Arthritis

·         Bone spurs

Your specialist physician might also recommend undertaking spine surgery if you have persistent pain which does not go away with other treatments or disrupts your life.

What Are the Available Spine Surgery Treatments?

Based on your specific condition, the Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP team provides a comprehensive range of spinal surgeries. These include;

Disk Replacement

This procedure involves the surgeons replacing your damaged disc with prosthetic or artificial devices to cushion your vertebrae. This technique is an alternative to spinal fusion.


Lamina refers to the back part of the vertebra. During a laminectomy procedure, your surgeon removes a lamina part to generate space in your spinal canal and relieve nerve compression.

Spinal Fusion

Also known as spine instrumentation fusion, in this surgery, the surgeon grafts two or more vertebrae. They can do this by using metal pins and grafts to secure your spine and restore its stability. The surgeons will offer you lumbar fusion, cervical fusion, and extreme lateral interbody fusion procedures.

Discectomies And Microdiscectomies

Here, the surgeon eliminates the damaged spinal discs. This will help to relieve the nerve compressions and related symptoms.


This is a procedure aimed at restoring vertebra that compression fractures have damaged. The surgeon fills the damaged vertebra with surgical cement to restore its stability and strength during the process.

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implantation

The procedure involves sending a mild electrical current to your spine to stop the pain signals from reaching your brain. Your surgeon inserts a wire in your spine, implants the device under your lower back skin, and makes a small tunnel for the wire to extend to the spine from the generator.

What Are the Benefits of Undertaking Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

Minimally invasive procedures can now be used in cervical and lumbar surgeries. This is done through small incisions that reduce your downtime. At Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, Dr. Klein uses an endoscope with lighting and a camera that enables easy entry via the incisions. The muscles will be pushed aside gently and easily return to their original position after surgery for quicker recovery, minimal scarring, bleeding, and even lesser pain.

Don’t struggle with spine injuries or back pain any longer. Call Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, or book an appointment online for examination and best-individualized treatment today.