There are many people who get infected with the sexually transmitted infections every year. However, there are some STD’s that do not show any early signs and symptoms and might not be understood by many of the people. Many individuals fail to recognize that they have gonorrhoea or syphilis. Chlamydia is another serious disease that doesn’t present with any early signs and symptoms. Some of the victims fall prey to syphilis that can result into neurological problems and cause cardiovascular complications also. It can cause irreparable damage to the victims and thus must be taken seriously.

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Although health professionals maintain full confidentiality while testing and do not disclose the results to anyone else other than the patient but, some patients feel uncomfortable at being tested in the hospitals. Due to this unwillingness of the patients to be tested at the hospitals, home kits have been made available. Experts have made the home test kits just like the pregnancy test kits which can give you the result at home itself.

Where can the test kit be bought?

STD test kitcan be bought from any online store. Plenty of test kits are available there and one can choose the kit that they like. The results of the home test kits are quite accurate and there is no need to worry about their accuracy. Whatever your doctor might tell at the hospital, the same will be told to you by the home test kit itself. There are however some specific requirements of each and every test kit that must be followed. The user must read the instructions before undertaking the test. Once the manual is read, the user can test himself. It is important to do so that there are no problems or false results thereafter.

Steps to test at home

  • Select the type of test kit that is desired. There are varieties of options available and the individual must choose depending upon his wants.
  • Test kit is sent to your place in full packaging and no name of the product or the store is written on it to maintain confidentiality.
  • Follow all the instructions that have been written in the instruction manual.
  • The instructions can be read alone and then, the test can be carried out. This way privacy is maintained and the individual doesn’t have to disclose the test results to anyone.

These are some of the advantages of having a STD test kit at home.