Tantric massage is an excellent idea to revive a libido at half mast, but also to strengthen erotic complicity in the couple. You don’t have to be a pro to indulge in this highly sensual practice. The important thing is to keep in mind that the goal of tantric massage is not to make love after three strokes. It is rather a question of awakening your five senses, of rediscovering the body of your partner but also your own. Our advice is here for taking the time of pleasure with tantrism.

Tantric massage: explanation

Tantric massage involves a real erotic exchange. It cannot be practiced by a third person. It takes place between partners. His goal is to discover his body and that of the other, to learn to touch and touch the other to improve sexual harmony. It can thus allow a couple in need of libido to find themselves, to rediscover themselves, to have desire again towards each other. We then decide, two (or more), to massage, caress, without thinking of making love. Erotic massage should be seen as an exquisite parenthesis that rhymes with subtlety and extreme softness.

Tantric massage and Ayurveda

A tantric massage can very much is inspired by Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic massage, derived from traditional Indian medicine, aims to soothe the body and mind. It is a method of relaxation and well-being. Through this practice, you keep your youth and renew your energy. As a couple, we can therefore imagine that erotic massages will preserve our love and our pleasure of being together, skin against skin, body to body . Because there is the common point between these two disciplines: letting go. In both cases, the awakening of the five senses is at the heart of the process. We connect to his feelings, to his body and to the body of his dear and tender. As in Ayurveda, you must create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, which will benefit you in every way and which will strengthen your sexual energy!

Philosophy of tantric massage

The principle of this massage is centuries old. A ritual taught by the tantras, sacred esoteric texts that have given birth to one of the forms of the Hindu religion, erotic massage allows you to better know and tame your body. Beyond the massage itself, it involves a whole ceremony and foreplay which increases the pleasure. The important thing is to take your time without thinking about coitus. Tantric massage is another way of making love. It’s a connection.

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Tantrism: channel your energy and awaken your senses

Formerly reserved for initiates, Tantrism is a practice more and more widespread by those who like to combine pleasure and spirituality. Allowing lovers to vibrate in unison, tantric sex leads to intense communion with their partner.

What essential oils for a tantric massage?

You can of course use essential oils to add a little spice to tantric massages. Important point: essential oils are not used pure, but are diluted in a vegetable oil (argan, sweet almond) before being applied to the body. Bet on a few drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil, with a relaxing and euphoric power. Also think of rose essential oil, romantic and stimulating. As for cinnamon essential oil, it is very delicious. Here is one that awakens sexual desire neither one nor two just like the essential oil of lemon mint, which boosts!