6 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat, Based on Science

According to the Centre for Disease Control statistics, almost 40 percent of the United States population had obesity in the years 2015-2016. This number is high and symbolizes how many Americans were struggling with weight problems. Even to date, many people are still struggling with their weight. Your weight is paramount to your health. You can develop a chronic disease if you do not check it. If you are experiencing a problem with your weight, see a specialist. You can start by visiting Vienna, VA, weight loss specialist, Nova Physician Wellness Center.

Dietary Changes

One of the reasons you develop excessive weight is excessive consumption of calories than required. If you continue consumption of excessive foods, you are likely to gain weight. Food containing high fructose corn syrup can result in additional weight gain. By reducing the consumption of processed foods and increasing the consumption of high fiber foods, you can lose weight.

Physical Activity

Your body normally burns a minimal amount of calories when not active as compared to when you are active. You will reduce more body fat when you engage in any physical activities. However, losing a pound of fat through physical activities is difficult. It is advised that if you are starting any physical activities, you start from light exercises such as swimming, walking briskly, and using stairs rather than an elevator to reduce the risk to your health.

Weight Loss Medications

On some occasions, your doctor may suggest medications to reduce your weight. Medications such as Orlistat are some of the medications doctors prescribe to weight loss patients. However, as much as medications are good, they do not replace lifestyle changes. You are likely to experience fatty stool and fluctuation of defecation. In a few cases, people have reported headaches, joint and muscle pain resulting from weight loss medications.


One of the most common techniques of weight loss is bariatric surgery. This surgery involves removing part of the stomach or, in some cases, the small intestine to reduce food consumption. Bariatric surgery can assist you in reducing weight and the risk of other chronic diseases that might have fatal impacts. After the surgery, you will only be able to take a small quantity of food.

Hormonal Treatment

This is one of the methods that scientists have advocated. Researchers are suggesting the combination of certain hormones to provide effective therapy will assist in weight loss. People with a problem of being obese might harness the benefit of a non-surgical option by adopting hormonal treatment.

Browning White Fat Cells

Do you know that you have two types of fat cells? One of them is the brown fat cell, and the other one is the white fat cell. Researchers are looking for how they can reprogram the white fat cell to act like the brown fat cell. This is because the brown fat cells are known primarily for burning calories and producing heat compared to the fat white cells that store calories.

Visit a Weight Loss Specialist Today

Weight loss is a problem that many people struggle with today. People nowadays are at a greater risk of adding weight because of their lifestyle habits. Being overweight can create a leeway for chronic disease to develop. Therefore, it is essential for you to seek advice or treatment methods from a specialist if you want to reduce your weight. Get started today by visiting Nova Physician Wellness Centre to discuss your treatment options. Call them today to schedule your appointment.