7 Prudent Questions to Ask Your Disability Attorney Before Hiring Them

It is crucial to get the right Social Security Disability lawyer in Arkansas before filing for disability benefits. As with any profession, there are many types of attorneys practicing this law. It’s essential to research each one thoroughly before hiring them to help you with the process.

There are hundreds of Arkansas social security disability attorneys. You must find someone experienced in the field, understands the process, and has a good reputation. 

Lastly, you don’t want your attorney to file your claim wrongly, so here’s a list of questions you must ask your social security disability attorney before hiring them. 

1. What is your track record with Social Security Disability cases?

As with any professional, you should always ask them about their experience level and previous successes. Make sure to ask for specific details regarding these cases so that you can determine if the disability attorney in Arkansas can help you. You can request case studies or even speak with former clients about their experience. If the lawyer cannot provide any positive comments, it may be time to look for another one.

2 . What are the benefits received if I am awarded Social Security Disability Benefits?

You should ask what type of benefits will be given to you by the disability lawyer in Arkansas upon receiving a favorable decision from Social Security. While current laws do not allow attorneys to charge for this service unless success is obtained, other fees may be involved, such as filing and administration fees.

3. What is your strategy to help me win my case?

You should always ask the disability attorney in Arkansas what they think about your case and what approach they would take. The more details and specifics you can get, the better you will understand and evaluate their qualification and experience.

4. How much are you charging per hour?

You should ask for an hourly rate being charged by the disability attorney in Arkansas who handles your case before hiring them for this process. While not all cases are equally challenging, you should be able to afford to pay for their services if they charge hefty legal fees.

It’s essential to ask the questions mentioned above when looking for a Social Security Disability Attorney in Arkansas since they help make sure you receive the benefits you deserve. So, be careful and look out for their responses.