We all want to increase our level of productivity drastically. With this, we want to increase it without also increasing stress and fatigue. As the common notion goes, raised productivity comes with a higher chance of stressing yourself out. With the Pomodoro technique, you can use a structure that will get you to be more productive while keeping stress levels at bay.

The Pomodoro technique is an excellent structure that will help in managing your time. You can approach any task at hand through the Pomodoro technique and finish it quickly. It won’t matter if the task is challenging, just separate and divide one huge task into small actionable tasks and start working on them in separate Pomdoro focus blocks.

The Pomodoro Technique

In this article, we’ll be introducing you to the Pomodoro timer. But before that, let’s get into what exactly is the Pomodoro Technique, and why will it help you in your quest to increase your productivity? It has been quite a famous time-management structure used by some of the most excellent minds in recent times. Without a doubt, if they improved their productivity levels through this method, then the same should happen to you. 

You can improve your productivity if you introduce the Pomodoro technique to your routine. There’s quite a substantial chance that you may feel that you’re unproductive as of now. You could also want to get more out of each day. No matter what your reason is, you can use the Pomodoro technique to increase your productivity steadily.

The Pomodoro technique involves the use of separate focus blocks. As we said, the Pomodoro technique works best in handling any challenging task. You can easily divide a task into subtasks and work on them in separate focus blocks. These focus blocks will operate through a Pomodoro timer that goes for 25 minutes and a five-minute break between each Pomodoro.

Why You Should Use The Pomodoro To Increase Productivity

The Pomodoro technique may not work the same as a magic pill that you take, which suddenly turns you into a productivity master. But it has its benefits that should turn you into such in no time. 

For example, you’ll be putting yourself into a time-management structure. We all know that managing our time will always lead to good things in terms of productivity. Here are some benefits of using the Pomodoro Technique:

Improve Focus

The Pomodoro technique is ideal, if not perfect, for those who can’t seem to focus. Many people struggle to be productive because of their inability to focus. It could be because the most random things can easily distract them. The Pomodoro Technique should improve your focus, which can then lead to increased productivity.

You’ll improve your focus because each Pomodoro session will, and should, only comprise the things you need for that session. With this, you must get rid of any distractions that can come in your smartphone, food, and other novelty-filled items. No need to worry; you’ll be able to use them again during the five-minute break, which is after each Pomodoro session.

Effective Time Management

It is not a secret that this technique is a time-management structure. So, if you need aid in managing your time, then the Pomodoro technique is an excellent alternative. Which task should you work on first? You need to prioritize the tasks according to their urgency. Use the first Pomodoro session for the most urgent task that you need to work on.

The Pomodoro technique is also perfect for handling any challenging tasks. We get it; facing a challenging task may feel daunting. We too often ask ourselves, how will we ever approach and finish this task? But then, we remember that the Pomodoro technique is there to help us.

As we said, it is never healthy or efficient to take on a challenging task and in one sitting. You can always separate and divide the entire task into subtasks or small actionable tasks. You can set a Pomodoro session for each sub-task and subsequently work on them until you finish everything.

Deal With Stress And Fatigue

Going on Pomodoro focus blocks will involve a set of five-minute breaks in between. These five-minute breaks are perfect for coffee breaks, pee breaks, and to meet other necessities. Or, it can also be an ideal five-minute break just to take a deep breath. You can take a short walk to clear your mind in between each Pomodoro session.

The Pomodoro technique will deal with stress and fatigue. It is always and undoubtedly productive to take care of yourself time after time while working on a particular project. This way, you’ll deal with stress and fatigue and subsequently avoid burning out.

Which Pomodoro App Should You Use?

You’ll be able to find and use three functional Pomodoro timers on wordcounttool.com. These timers are the perfect timers if you want to use the Pomodoro technique in approaching any task. Subsequently, we recommend the Classic timer just in case it is your first time using the Pomodoro technique.

The Classic timer is the timer that goes for 25 minutes and a short five-minute break in between. After the first four Pomodoro sessions, you’ll be going on a more extended break before you start on another Pomodoro. The Classic timer should be the ideal timer to use to feel more accustomed to the Pomodoro technique. It isn’t demanding, and a 25-minute focus block is realistic.


Use the Pomodoro technique today to steadily improve and increase your productivity. The Pomodoro technique is a structure that will help you balance your tasks and time. It should also deal with stress and fatigue and even burning out. 

These factors often limit us to being productive and making the most out of our days. With the Pomodoro technique, you’ll have an answer and structure to these things that hold us back from being the Pomodoro master that we aspire to be.