Are you wondering what are some great characteristics of documentation in medical communications? Well, in that case, this article has got you covered. Let’s dive into the details.

Accuracy In Medical Communications

One of the most important characteristics of good medical communications is the level of accuracy. If you are not aware that what accuracy refers to then this is the correctness of data. The correct data will always reflect that it came from the original accurate source. If you are wondering what factors affect the accuracy of the source then there are several factors that go into it. You need to know about the patient’s physical as well as emotional health when collecting the data. A healthcare worker must have good documenting and interviewing skills apart from the patient’s previous record. The equipment also plays a great role in the data collection. It must be reliable and only then should be used for diagnostic purposes. Even the electronic systems which get used for data collection must be accurate. To get accurate data, one must own awareness of unexpected outcomes.

Accessibility of the record

Another feature of good medical communications is accessibility. It should be accessible. The accessibility of any record is the ease with which the date gets retrieved, organized, and recovered. One needs to realize that organization plays a great role in the medical record. A good medical record will be well organized. The organization of data makes it easier to understand the data flow.


If you are wondering what comprehensive data is then a comprehensive data will have all the components complete. You will not agree more that ain’t incomplete data will slow the whole medical process which fails the medical communications.

Consistency In Medical Communications

Consistency is another vital factor that goes into the medical record. Without consistency, the data would not be reliable. An inconsistent date means compromising integrity. Data has to be consistent and it can only happen if it does not get corrupted. If you are wondering how the data can get corrupted then there are several ways. Many times, people find the medical record of one patient in the medical record of the other. In all such cases, the data integrity gets compromised.

Updated information

Lastly, a good medical record has to be as close to real-time as possible. There is no use if one is referring to the old data. With time, every record needs to get updated thus timeliness of information is one of the key components. Every health care record should reflect data timings closer to the current timings for ensuring reliability.  This is an extremely important factor that many fail to acknowledge. Why is the timeliness of data important? It is because it can directly impact the treatment of any patient. Any late entry can break the case as a patient would not receive the same care. Wrong dates will not result in favorable outcomes thus failing the medical communications completely.