A car accident’s aftermath comes with many issues that need to be dealt with. A lot needs to be done, from paying medical bills to filing a claim with the insurance company. You will also have to communicate with the other party’s insurance company to prove their negligent actions and recover fair compensation. You will have to negotiate with your insurance adjuster to settle your claim. Handling all this after the trauma of the accident can affect your physical and mental health. Therefore, it is best to hire a car accident lawyer Philadelphia  to take care of all the above-mentioned tasks.

Why should you not speak with an insurance company after a car accident?

Admit fault: You are in a vulnerable state after a traumatic incident like a car accident. At this time, the insurance company will get in touch with you to convince you to admit fault or make you say something that will provide evidence of your fault. 

Try to gather details from you: After the accident, the insurance adjuster might reach out to you, trying to gather minute details about the incident through small talk. Be cautious of what you say because it can make or break your claim process. They will tweak their questions and try to get some glitches in your statements. Any such statement will minimize the compensation that you will receive.

Use dirty tactics: Insurance companies are always looking for their benefit. They are famous for playing tricks and tactics for minimizing compensation or devoid you from getting any compensation. Get in touch with them before hiring an attorney. The insurance adjuster will try to convince you to take partial responsibility for the accident. It will reduce the financial liability of the company and will be a loss for you.

Accept a low settlement offer: If you notify your insurance company about the accident without the legal supervision of a lawyer, then you are in great trouble. Insurance adjusters will negotiate with you and force you to accept a low settlement offer. They will convince you by saying it is the best offer in hand and can slip away if not taken. 


Following a car accident, do not ever notify the insurance company directly. It will hamper your injury claim to a great extent. Such matters should not be dealt with on your own but through the help of professional lawyers. They will negotiate and communicate with the insurance companies to get you the best possible outcome.