In order to meet the expectations and changing needs for e-services in the healthcare sector, Comarch offers an innovative solution. The main objective is to ensure legally compliant opportunities for the generation, storage and transfer of medical documents within and between centers, while following high security standards. Comarch’s e-Health Regional Medical Platform model is based on regional and local repositories of digital medical documentation; therefore, the architecture of the solution envisages a system divided into regional and local layers. Both layers are connected by the data exchange interface, which constitutes a coherent, integrated system for digital medical documentation exchange.

The benefits of implementing Comarch e-Health Platform

The available and continuously developed technologies allow for the improvement of management and the quality of treatment processes, which directly affects the efficiency of medical centers’ operations and the timeliness of service provision. Solutions in the e-health area ensure a customized and patient-oriented approach to healthcare. Implementation of the solution allows efficiency and effectiveness to be improved, while helping to reduce the number of errors and shorten the hospitalization period.