Here is All You Need to Know About Fertility Clinics

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A child is often a symbol of joy. Sadly, some individuals cannot witness this joy due to reproductive issues. With professional help, having your child is viable. Should you seek to partner with a reliable fertility clinic in Newport Beach, CA, you are in capable hands at OC Fertility. Call or schedule online to have the most advanced genetic testing and other superior services.

What is a Fertility Clinic?

Fertility clinics are professional medical clinics that help couples and individuals desiring to become parents but have been incapable of doing so due to medical reasons. Clinics use a variety of diagnostic tests and, in some cases, extremely advanced medical treatments to achieve the desired conception and pregnancies.

Services for Men

Men’s treatment for general sexual issues or a shortage of healthy sperm may include the following:

·         Medications- Certain drugs may increase sperm count and the possibility of a viable pregnancy. These medications can improve testicular performance, including sperm quality and productivity.

·         Sperm Retrieval- When ejaculation is difficult, or there is no sperm in the ejaculated fluid, several methods collect sperm. They may also be done when assisted reproductive procedures are considered when sperm levels are low or otherwise dysfunctional.

·         Lifestyle Changes- Improving lifestyle and specific habits can help your fertility. This involves terminating certain drugs, lowering or eliminating dangerous substances, improving the frequency and timing of intercourse, exercising frequently, and optimizing other aspects that may affect your fertility.

·         Surgery- Surgery may cure a sperm obstruction and restore fertility in some cases. In some circumstances, medically correcting a varicocele may increase overall pregnancy odds.

Services for Women

Some women require one or two therapies to boost their fertility. Other women may require a combination of treatments to become pregnant.

·         Intrauterine insemination (IUI)- When administering IUI, healthy sperm is injected directly into the uterus when the ovary produces one or more eggs to be fertilized. Regardless of the cause of infertility, the timing of IUI can be matched with your regular cycle or with fertility medicines.

·         Fertility Drugs- Fertility medications are the primary option for infertile women due to ovulation problems. These drugs either regulate or trigger ovulation. Discuss your fertility medicine options with your doctor, including the perks and hazards of each type.

·         Surgeries- Conditions like endometrial polyps, intrauterine scar tissue, and certain fibroids can respond well to hysteroscopic surgery. Others such as pelvic adhesions or endometriosis may necessitate laparoscopic surgery.

Likely Complications for Fertility Treatments

·         Infection or Bleeding- With targeted reproductive techniques or reproductive surgery, there is a small risk of bleeding or infection, as with any invasive operation.

·         Multiple Pregnancy- The most common complication of infertility treatment is a multiple pregnancy, twins, triplets, or more. Generally, the greater the number of fetuses, the higher the risk of premature labor and delivery and problems during pregnancy such as gestational diabetes.

Bottom Line

Are you having trouble realizing your dream of having a child? Thankfully, modern medicine lets you step closer to your dream. Contact OC Fertility specialists on the phone or online to discover your options today.