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The sense of aesthetics is always a major focal point for professionals specially women. And facial features are one of the key points when it comes to hiring women in the corporate space. Now though the policy may seem derogatory, it is in fact very much in practice. The most prominent example of this particular policy can be seen in the media business and fashion industry. This is one particular reason why many corrective surgeries are now in place to fix up the facial features in women mostly. One of the most prominent surgeries that women generally undergo is the forehead contouring (เสริมหน้าผาก , which is the term in Thai) and facelift surgeries.

Things you need to know about facelift and forehead contouring surgeries

 The forehead contouring procedure can be done on anyone. Anyone who feels that their forehead is actually out of proportion to their other facial features can opt for this surgery. This process has two distinct steps. Firstly, the eyebrows are mended using different techniques and then only other facial features are tampered to match up with the forehead. On the other hand the facelift surgery is done to fix up the jaw line in females. It is one of the major corrective surgeries that women from different walk of life go through. Facelift is a proper surgical method which can be done using micro surgeries or macro incision surgeries. Facelift is done by most cosmetic surgeons. However, in recent times the Korean and Taiwan surgeons have been lauded for their efficiency in tgis particular area of surgery.

Get facelift surgery done in Thailand

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