Emergency rooms are one of the most important parts of a hospital. Hospitals have many different departments, one of them being the emergency room. The emergency room is used for the purpose of treating patients that arrive to the hospital in critical condition or in urgent need of medical attention. Many times, patients arrive to the emergency room through an ambulance following an accident. There are countless reasons as to why an individual may need to go to the hospital with emergency room. From an accident to unexpected injuries, emergency rooms serve a vital role for hospitals.      

Some of the most common injuries seen in emergency rooms include head injuries, broken bones and severe wounds from trauma. Every hospital has an emergency room in order to treat patients and ensure the safety of their community. Hospitals do not turn down anyone who is seeking emergency room services. When an individual is involved in a traumatic event, they are transferred to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible through an ambulance. Once an individual is transferred to the hospital, they are treated for their injuries in the ER. Hospital staff that work in emergency rooms include medical assistance, nurses, doctors and surgeons.      

These individuals are trained to treat patients who have suffered theses type of critical injuries. Hospitals must ensure their emergency room department stays safe and healthy after each patient’s visit. Hospital staff does their best in order to keep emergency rooms in good condition so each patient can receive the best care hospital. Emergency rooms are usually located on the first floor of a hospital in order to provide easy access from the ambulance. 

However, not all ER patients arrive in an ambulance. If an individual feels the need to go to the ER, they will often ask a close friend or family member to take them. Once the patient arrives at the ER, they may need to provide information such as their first and last name. If they are in critical condition, someone else will provide this information for them.

Emergency rooms are often separated by curtains in order to fit as many beds in the ER department as possible. The purpose of this is to treat as many patients as possible. Emergency departments never know how many patients they will receive on a given day or night; therefore they need to be constantly prepared for whatever situation will occur.