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Medical researchers note that with age, people undergo multiple changes, including physical and physiological. Hormone production, a vital physiological aspect, reduces with age, affecting several factors, including metabolism and sexuality. This decrease occurs in males and females. With intervention, researchers have established therapy techniques to boost hormone levels. Professionals at Integrated Family Medical Center offer clients hormone replacement in Lady Lake to boost the patient’s overall levels.

Among treatment options our center offers is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). The therapy technique uses hormones identical to the existing hormones and similar chemical structures to restore a balance after treatment. At Integrated Family Medical Center, we treat patients with BHRT since it is naturally safer than conventional and synthetic hormone fill-in therapies. We would like you to understand the essence and multiple functions of hormones in your body through this article.

Hormone Roles in The Human Body

Hormones serve as messengers that convey messages controlling the body’s function, including the immune system, reproductive system, and metabolic system. The body consists of more than fifty hormones that are often replaced, including:

  • Estrogen: This is a female sex hormone but is also present in men. 
  • Progesterone: It is involved in reproduction in females.
  • Testosterone: The primary male sex hormone but is also found in women. 
  • Thyroid: Serves as the body metabolism control.
  • Melatonin: This is vital in controlling your internal circadian cycle.
  • DHEA: This hormone aids in producing other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. 

As research has concluded, hormones have set timeframe hormones they go through before they start declining with age. For women, estrogen and progesterone levels start dropping during their late thirties. After menopause, which occurs around fifty, hormone production is affected more, and researchers call it andropause. This phase could begin even in the early thirties, where testosterone production might decrease. Note that while hormone production levels fall with age, other factors might affect the downhill trend’s rate and inception.  

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

You might notice numerous signs of an imbalance, with many symptoms affecting both males and females. Women might experience hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and fatigue. Most men might feel like they have lost their edge. More symptoms might be experienced, including brain fog or memory loss, depression, mood swings, motivation, lack of drive, and weight gain. Some also experience overall muscle mass loss, low libido, osteoporosis, hair loss, insomnia, and other sleeping problems. 

How BHRT works

Kalpana Desai, MD, a specialist working at Integrated Family Medical Center, believes that all hormones are connected and require overall balance to feel happy and fulfilled. During your scheduled appointment at our facilities, our practitioners may conduct complete screening tests that indicate your hormone levels. We screen progesterone, TSH, T4, free T3, DHEA, Testosterone, estradiol, free testosterone, growth hormone, and PSA for males only.   

Dr. Desai and other specialists administer the hormones critical to your health and well-being based on visible results. Our hormones are obtained from a certified compounding pharmacy to safeguard our patients to ensure their pharmaceutical quality.  

To restore your vitality and wellbeing through BHRT, contact our specialists by phone or schedule your appointment online.

Both men and women experience a reduction in hormonal production. At Integrated Family Medical Center, we offer BHRT, a novel replacement therapy. Schedule your appointment today for screening and treatment at our Florida hormone replacement center.