Medicare Plans may cover things like gym memberships, glasses, and wellness checkups that traditional Medicare does not. These perks aren’t standard across all plans and are, in fact, plan-specific. Enrolling in a Medicare supplement plan may be eligible for some of these additional services at no cost. You may get your health insurance provider to foot the bill for your gym membership (assuming that fitness is a topic they cover).

If this benefit is not covered, it is likely because they see it as “extraneous” medical care or care that is unnecessary to treat your disease and could be performed without medical supervision. Going to the eye doctor is the same way. Perhaps they are being too helpful if they suggest you start wearing glasses or contacts at every appointment, even though your eyesight is excellent without any aid.

A Medicare Advantage Plan May HelpYouAvoid OverseasMedicalCosts

Some Medicare Advantage plans provide overseas medical coverage for those who travel outside the US. Some Medicare Advantage plans may go above and above by additionally covering domestic hospitalization costs in the event of an unexpected illness or injury.Suppose you get critically sick or wounded while travelling overseas and must be taken back to the United States. In that case, you may require emergency medical evacuation, which is covered by specific Medicareplans.

Specialists Don’tNeedReferrals, MakingMany TreatmentRegimensSimpler

The referral requirements that apply to traditional Medicare are somewhat different from those that are applicable to Medicare Advantage plans in a number of important respects. People who enroll in Medicare Advantage programs, in contrast to people who enroll in the vast majority of other types of health insurance.

Are given the freedom to see any specialist of their choosing without first needing to meet with or get consent from their primary care physician. This is in stark contrast to the majority of other types of health insurance. If you are having trouble getting in contact with a medical practitioner, need answers immediately, and aren’t sure what’s wrong with you, this is an excellent strategy for managing your heath.

Instead of spending hours on hold trying to get through to someone who might not be in the office at the moment (or ever), you can make one phone call and be seen by a specialist who is familiar with your particular issue and can offer advice on how to proceed. Of course, this isn’t always feasible. however, avoiding the wait music and going straight through Medicare programs may save you time and money.


Medicare plans may also cover domestic hospitalization expenses for unforeseen sickness or accident. If so, some Medicare plans fund emergency medical evacuation. Medicare Advantage programs have different referral criteria. Unlike many other health insurance plans, Medicare Advantage allows consumers to see specialists without first checking with their primary care physician.

Instead of spending hours on hold attempting to reach someone who may not be in the office (or ever), you can make one phone call and be seen by an expert who knows your situation and can advise you. Avoiding wait music and moving through Medicare programs may save time and money.