Erectile dysfunction is the condition where the stimulation for sexual activity doesn’t get a responsive erection. The situation can be dire and lead to impotence. It can include premature ejaculation syndrome.

As a man, you may suffer some erection malfunction a few times. That’s normal as sex is dependent on the state of the mind, health condition, and emotional awareness.  When well-coordinated, you can get aroused with motivation.

Where the problem persists for a long period, you’ll have to suspect the ED condition. You can walk to a doctor’s office and have a chat about your condition. The other online stores have improved and accept to meet the doctor online. The doctor can then answers questions directly online and serve you immediately. Some of the causes include:

Physical causes of ED

The physical causes include the health state you’re in and the diseases that can affect you. It includes the medications that are just dangerous to the penis.

Some physical causes include heart diseases, high blood pressure clogged blood vessels, diabetes, and obesity. Also, included are multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, smoking tobacco, and alcohol and substance abuse. The medications of other diseases also cause ED including cancer treatments. 

With these causes, ED becomes so severe that you’ll need to receive some medication to improve and even reverse the condition. You can, however, be able to perform the sexual activities by using oral medications approved by the FDA.

You can for instance buy Viagra online to enable you to rise to the occasion. Some customers can visit a pharmacy and ask for the ED drugs. They may include the pricing tag to encourage you to bargain.

Psychological causes of ED

The brain with magnetic neurons can send signals throughout the body. When the signals are coordinated, the testosterone is produced that makes you happy and helps the penis relax. You can then enjoy your sex activity, however, the mood changes.

When these causes persist they cause an ED. The causes may include depression, anxiety, and mental illnesses. Also includes the stress and relationship issues and communication barriers.

The treatment can also be provided such as avanafil and Levitra onlinethat can only be prescribed by a doctor.

Prevention and treatment

By making healthy lifestyle choices you can avoid the ED in your life. Visit clinics regularly and work with your doctor. Avoid smoking for it will lead to ED; reduce the alcohol for it interferes both with the treatment and increasesthe chances of ED.

Exercise regularly to either reduce weight or maintain health status. Reduce stress as you seek treatment for anxiety and depression.

Treatment can vary according to your wants and what’s available. You can orally take vardenafil 20mg. and even buy Viagra online. Most of the medications are available online, you only need to order. However, the right online pharmacy can provide both the doctor and the services. You only need to find your online store that’s licensed and cheaper.