A Clear Choice for Drug Escape

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Addicted? Unfortunately these are the terms used by the vast majority of society to define a drug addict. The fact is that these people, due to badness or lack of information, end up using these words in a very prejudiced way, forgetting the fact that they are facing a disease or disorder that is a major public health problem.

It is also quite common that we still find people who think that drug addiction is a choice, a lack of character, a lack of religion and that everyone who uses them can stop at any time they want.

The purpose of today’s article is precisely to break the stigma that drug addicts are those drug users who have lost their way, by free choice and lack of character. Stay with us!

What Is Chemical Dependence?

Drug addiction is a mental disorder characterized by a group of signs and symptoms arising from drug use. We can cite as signs and symptoms: the compulsion to use the drug; withdrawal symptoms, need for increasing doses to achieve the same previous effect; lack of control over the amount of use; abandonment of other activities and maintenance of use, even with obvious damage caused by the drug.

Therefore, people who compulsively use one of the most diverse types of drugs in existence should be diagnosed with “chemical dependence”, a term quite recent since its origin, after all, it was only in 1964 that the World Health Organization (WHO) introduced the term “addiction” to replace the terms “addiction” and habituation.

The drugs that most enable addiction in our society are alcohol, tobacco, cocaine and their derivatives, which have been alarmingly increasing its incidence in recent years, without forgetting sedative medications, the famous “black stripe”, who’s abusive use and without a prescription has also made many people dependent.


The habit or custom is the frequency of doing something or consuming some kind of substance. What sets habit apart from addiction is that addiction always has risky effects, as well as becoming recurrent and excessive.

Another feature of addiction is abstinence experienced in the absence of use, which can be manifested by anxiety, apathy, depression, sleep, disorientation, delusions and even by changes and physical pain.

But How Do Chemical Dependence Happen?

There are several factors that can influence a person to use drugs, such as curiosity, influence of friends or need for acceptance in some group, lack of ability to deal with problems, losses, difficulties, sadness, gains, joys and even success.

The use of drugs and alcohol is also related to culture, lifestyle, sports, places that are frequented, including the relationship with work promotes the use of alcohol and often drugs like cocaine, marijuana and others, in events, parties and get-togethers. Nor can we forget the genetic factors, which directly influence, and which even appear as a scientific factor diagnosed and proven by professionals in the field of research with genetic influence and to know more about rehab for drugs .

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