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RAD-140 is used a lot by athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts because of its vast benefits. It is a strong SARM and is widely popular for its uses. Some of the benefits of RAD 140 Canada are:

Enhanced muscle mass

As RAD-140 targets the androgen receptors of the skeleton muscle, it offers enhanced muscle mass and strength without negatively impacting your blood pressure or prostate. Because it doesn’t aromatize or transform to DHT, it has no side effects like steroids.

Increased strength

RAD-140 is famous for this benefit. It offers incredible strength gain and is considered the best SARMs to boost strength.

Avoid muscle wasting

Muscle wasting is a medical issue. With age, you lose muscles. Sometimes it is because of caloric deficit. RAD-140 has high anti-catabolic specifications, which can actively stop muscle wasting. It is quite famous amongst fitness enthusiasts for bulking and cutting.

Better bone density and structure

Most SARMs have the power to enhance bone density and stop bone turnover. Testolone is no different. It boosts the mineral density of your bone and adds to bone strength. It even has the power to reverse bone loss, which is common in older men and women. 

Improved stamina and endurance

A lot of user’s state that Testolone has improved their endurance and stamina. This allows gym freaks and bodybuilders to work out for a higher duration. As per the reports, it enhances stamina and endurance in users.

High aggression

You can also call it to focus or concentration. RAD-140 offers clarity of mind to do more than regular things. It helps you work out harder for more hours. A rigorous workout at the gym makes you tired and gives you a good night’s sleep, enough to enhance your focus on the next day.

Less lethargy

RAD-140 offers you the power to bounce out of bed. It allows you to spend the day in your best condition and bounce back in again.

RAD-140 cycle

Testolone should be consumed in 6 to 12-week cycles and a post-cycle therapy.

For a short term

In the starting phase, RAD-140 users will feel getting physically stronger. It is because the compound increases your muscle mass. You can train harder and longer with higher strength and build better muscle.


Once you are halfway, you will notice a phenomenal physical change. There will be an increase in weight, a rise in muscle mass, and your training durations will improve.

Last phase

You will consistently notice a rise in weight and strength, and if you dose properly, you will notice a rise of 10 to 15 lbs.

However, it is always suggested to go according to the given directions and not overboard with the usage. Common side effects of RAD-140 are a rise in aggression, higher hair growth in women, and a rise in libido.

Rad-140 may limit your natural testosterone levels during a cycle, but it will recover in a short time. It is better to start your cycle after a consultation with a health professional.