Let’s start like this; beating a hair follicle drugs test is difficult. In fact, some experts say that it is harder than the more commonly used urine test. Yet, you are still likely to find many hair follicle detoxification strategies promising to help you pass your drug test no matter what. These detoxification strategies vary from using a detoxification shampoo for drug test to DIY detox routines. These methods might help you reduce the amount of residual Marijuana or THC footprints in your hair follicle. But the chances of them working 100% cannot be entirely guaranteed by anyone.

Since we are talking about the best strategies here, we will remove shaving off all the hair on your head from this list. This strategy might have worked a long time ago when companies just began using hair to test for drug use. But these days, unless you have always had a bald head, showing up at work with no hair on your head right before a drug test will immediately raise suspicion. That’s not to mention the fact that hair can be taken from elsewhere in your body for the test. So unless you are getting a full body waxing, you might not get anywhere with this strategy. Here are some of the more logical options to consider:

  1. Abstinence

Now, this isn’t a strategy for everyone. It is unlikely that you will get that much time to get ready for a drug test. You will need a minimum of 110-days to completely rid your hair of THC residue. This includes 10-days for THC levels to drop to undetectable levels and 90-days for you to grow hair that will be 1.5 inches long. Of course, it is doubtful your employee will give you that much time ever. But this is still the most reliable and safest way to pass a test. So if you are planning to go job hunting soon, it is best that you stop taking marijuana entirely. ( Note: You might need even more time to clear your system of drugs if you are a heavy smoker).

Know the effects of marijuana withdraw here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324301.php

  1. Do-It-Yourself Detoxification

We move on to the more controversial, but allegedly effective strategies. According to some regular drug users, it is possible to rid your hair of THC and Marijuana using two deep cleaning routines. These are the Growman or Macujo routine and the Jerry G method. While expert medical professionals seem to think these methods are not as effective as claimed, many people swear by these methods. This means that they are worth trying especially if you are in desperate need with no other way out.

The Jerry G method uses a combination of bleaches and ammonia. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you how harmful that can be for your hair. This method is believed to be able to blast open hair strands to remove the toxins. Of course, it comes with the obvious danger of damaging your hair follicle and you might end up losing patches of your hair or even get a burn. However, those who have used it say it is effective. Also check– EZ Split Key Cup drug test

The Macujomethod is another deep cleaning method that many say is effective too. It uses a combination of Aloe Rid Shampoo, vinegar and salicylic acid among other cleansers to wash the THC out of your hair. While this method isn’t as dangerous as the Jerry G method, is invasive as well. It is time-consuming and can also be very expensive since you have to wash your hair several times to completely wash the toxins away.

  1. Buy detox shampoos and other products

This sounds like the safest and simplest solution, and it should be if there aren’t so many fakes in the market. If you get a good detox shampoo,you might be able to get rid of THC in your hair quite conveniently. The problem here is that some of these special cleansing shampoos do not work at all or aren’t are effective as they claim. Which means you have to take your time to search for the best ones and will most likely have to pay more for a product that truly works. Before you get one, read this.

Be careful of scam products though. People have lost money on fake detox shampoos which is why you should only buy from a reliable source. You can also combine your over-the-counter detox shampoo with some of the DIY home remedies recommended earlier.


At the end of the day, it is hard to say for sure if any of these methods will work for you. But since you have virtually nothing to lose by trying them you might as well do go for them. Be careful not to expose your hair to so much danger in the process though. Best of Luck on your test.