Hair loss is an unfortunate condition which affects a huge chunk of population worldwide, especially males. The person affected by hair loss keep on stumbling various treatment options for hair loss, however, no treatment other than hair transplant has high success rate for restoration of bald areas on the scalp. With the availability of qualified hair transplant surgeons in India, using advanced procedures like FUT (strip method) and FUE (follicular method), hair restoration has become something you can get done in just a day.

How to select best hair transplant clinic

The real struggle after finalising the decision to undergo hair transplant is to choose the best hair transplant clinic which suits all your needs and provides quality treatment. There are wide ranges of hair transplant clinics which compete regularly for the title of “the best hair transplant clinic”, however, this cannot be judged easily. There are a lot of parameters which should be considered before deciding best hair transplant clinic. Some of the factors which should be reckoned to select the best hair transplant clinic are as follows:

Education credentials of the surgeon

Surgery in a top hair transplant clinic should be performed by a qualified aesthetic and plastic surgeon only. Restoring lost hair through hair transplant is cosmetic procedure which requires artistic skills along with surgical expertise. The results after a hair transplant depends primarily on the hair transplant clinic and the surgeon that we had chosen. There are a number of clinics worldwide where unskilled surgeons are performing hair transplant. Recently, ISHRS has released a warning stating that there have been incidences where a taxi driver performed hair transplant. So, it should be checked beforehand whether the surgeon is qualified.

Certified clinic and surgeon:

The hair transplant clinic as well as the surgeon should be certified from the national as well as international boards. ISHRS is a global medical association and the leading authority on hair loss treatment and the doctors must be members of ISHRS and The International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Only surgeons from best hair transplant clinic fulfils these parameters.

The Best Medical Staff

The medical staff in the hair transplant clinic is involved in taking care of the patient from the point the patients reaches the center to the point where they leave after the treatment. They should be qualified and cooperative with the patients. The medical staff must take care of patients and they must be careful about the satisfaction of patients. The technicians, who extract hair grafts from hair follicles using microscopes, should be highly experienced as hair grafts are extremely sensitive and the graft damage should be minimised to less than zero.

Previous Results

The top hair transplant clinic always provides you a set of before and after photos of their previous patients and successful results. You must make sure that the patients are satisfied with their appearance and hair growth. You might check the website of the hair transplant clinic, as the website depicts the expertise of the clinic. Furthermore, we can ask the top hair transplant centre to give us contact details of previous patients so that we can ask them directly about their satisfaction.

Quality medical care

It is one of the foremost important things for a top hair transplant clinic to be equipped with international standard medical equipments to provide very good medical care and medical services.

Optimistic reviews from previous patients

The best hair transplant centre and top hair transplant centres have positive reviews from their previous patients on various reputed online forums such as, and All the reviews written here are genuine and depict the experiences of the patients. Before visiting the clinic, a thorough research about the top hair transplant clinic on these websites would be highly beneficial.

The Latest Techniques

The availability of latest techniques is highly important for deciding the best hair transplant centres. It shall be verified beforehand that the clinic always keeps up with the global technology and it has the latest techniques in harvest and implanting the hair follicles that are suitable for everyone. The latest techniques for hair restoration such as FUE and trichophytic closure of FUT should be available. The surgeons should be highly experienced and skilled in these procedures.

Affordable price:

Top hair transplant centres provide affordable prices to their patients along with high quality medical services. However, one should not be tempted with the low prices from few unqualified hair transplant surgeons. In general, the top hair transplant centre in India provides hair transplant procedure at about 30% of the cost of hair transplant in USA, UK and Canada. Number of patients from these countries visits India to undergo hair transplant at top hair transplant centres in India at affordable cost.


To make things easier, you can create a checklist to weigh in the pros and cons of each clinic, you are considering. Don’t factor only the price of the procedure or the brand of the clinic for choosing the right one. More than the size of the hair transplant clinic, it is the technology they use & the skill of the doctors that decide, the results they deliver.