There are two technically possible options for correcting the zygomatic area: using a cannula and a needle.The use of a cannula makes the procedure more atraumatic, that is, the risk of hematomas, which may resolve over time, is reduced. This technique allows you to work out the entire cheekbone from one access point (on each cheek), fan-filling the filler with different sections of this area. Using a needle, we can work in small volumes, but there is a risk of hematomas (as with any injection technique). Typically, this technique is used to correct furrows, the formation of which can be caused by both age and genetic factors (they are often found in young girls under 30 years old and, of course, do not depend on involutional changes). By introducing the filler we can raise the crease and thus, without adding too much volume, solve the problem.

Volumetric Modelling

Today (given that we perfectly know the anatomy of the middle third of the face and understand where we have dangerous correction zones), volumetric modeling is a fairly simple and popular procedure.The result is saved on average about a year. With each subsequent procedure, the interval increases – due to the fact that your own collagen tissue will gradually form a frame in the area of ​​filler introduction. This effect is especially noticeable after the use of collagen-stimulating drugs (Radiesse). In order to avoid overcorrection, we periodically compare his photographs with the patient: today’s and, for example, three years ago. Thus, it is possible to adequately assess the need for the procedure. Often the patient simply gets used to himself and mistakenly thinks that it is necessary to add a filler.

Do not forget that volumetric modeling can also help correct facial asymmetries , make lines smoother in some areas and hide sharp transitions, or, conversely, add structure and rigidity. And all this – without plastic surgery, without pain and a long rehabilitation and without Forehead enhancement (เสริมหน้าผาก which is the term in Thai).

Some, however, offer makeup as a solution to the problem. Yes, on the Internet and magazines you can find many tips on how to use your makeup to correct your face and literally draw it. But such a beautiful picture cannot be worn around the clock. And, as it seems to me, such a correction method can only give rise to complexes. After all, every day you are forced to wear a mask in the form of your ideal face, and then take it off and face a reflection in the mirror that does not suit you.

Modern cosmetology allows you not only to make your cheekbones high and beautiful, but also to get rid of complexes, and to get a good facelift which means that, ultimately, will make you happier.