We want to contribute to that mission by dismantling five myths about vision and screens so that you know that, although a rational use of electronic devices is essential – as in everything in this life – we cannot try to flee or fight against the technological revolution we are experiencing , that surrounds us, that can affect us but that, if we know how to use it correctly, makes life easier for us. Here we go!

1: The Intensive Use Of Screens Can Blind Us

That is an inaccuracy. An intensive use of the screens can generate long-term damage to our eyes, since they are a source of energy – blue light – that penetrates directly into our retina. Therefore, it is positive to use the filters of the devices themselves or even the lenses with blue light filters to reduce the impact of the waves. More and more people are incorporating this filter into their glasses.

2. The Eyes Of Today’s Children Are Used To Screens

Lie . Children’s eyes develop throughout their childhood. For the process to work properly, it is necessary that the child does not spend more than 30 minutes a day in front of screens, that he / she does extracurricular activities outdoors for a couple of hours, that he/she uses his / her distant vision in games, etc. That is, since minors spend the day on screens and at home, myopia rates are growing alarmingly, becoming a worldwide pandemic .

3: Playing Video Games Is Positive For The Child’s Eye

It is true that there are certain mental and visual abilities that are developed through video games ; But that does not mean that your visual system benefits from an intensive use of these screens. It is necessary to control the number of hours that the minor spends a week before these screens.

4: Screens Do Not Cause Eyestrain. If It Happens, There Is A Problem.

It is true that, if there is an unsolved visual problem, the use of screens can be a clarifier of it. However, it is proven that before screens we blink up to 30% less, that’s why we usually have a dry or red-eye sensation . This, together with poor lighting, spaces with air conditioning or heating, can cause great discomfort. To solve this, the ideal is to use moisturizing drops and the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes of work in front of screens, we rest for 20 seconds, looking 20 feet (5 meters) away. Would you want to know more regarding the eye? Visit http://kraffeye.com/