Three Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer | Maher & Maher Law

An abrupt car accident can change your life forever. Fatal and serious car accidents are reported in Colorado every year. The numbers may seem low compared to other states, but are still significant. No one is ever prepared to deal with the aftermath of a car accident, which is precisely why many drivers and victims do not pursue personal injury lawsuits. If you ever get injured in a car accident, your immediate concern should be about hiring an experienced car accident attorney Colorado Spring. So, do you really need an accident attorney? Here are some basic aspects worth knowing. 

 The modified comparative negligence rule

Colorado follows the “modified comparative negligence” rule. This means if a person is injured in an accident but also has a share of fault, they can still file for damages. That said, their share of compensation will be reduced by percentage of their fault. Also, if the overall fault is more than 50%, they cannot recover anything. 

In the real world, drivers never accept blame. All insurance companies want to minimize their financial burden, and they often try to blame the other party involved. You need a car accident lawyer, who can work on your sides. The top law firms aren’t scared of taking on these big insurance companies, and you may have a better chance of getting a fair settlement. 

Limited time

The “statute of limitations” in Colorado allows three years to file personal injury lawsuits after a car accident. While this may look like a lot of time, you may end up in a mess without legal help. Talk to a lawyer, so that they can investigate the matter and help with the insurance claim. Your lawyer is in charge of discussing things with the insurance company, but if negotiations fail, there is always room for a trial. Lawyers know when to accept a fair settlement, and as needed, they can be aggressive in their approach. 

Free initial consultation

Most known car accident attorneys and law firms in Colorado will offer the first consultation for free. You can always decide later if you want to hire an attorney, but the initial meeting can help in knowing your options and rights. Depending on the circumstances, a lawyer may take up your car accident case on a contingency fee, so you don’t have to pay them upfront. Just make sure that the lawyer has experience with cases similar to yours.