One hangover is enough for a person to say ‘never again!’. While it is hard to function when you have a pounding headache, extreme thirst, and an upset stomach, you need to think and act fast in order to stop these symptoms. Everyone tends to have their own individual solutions for a quick hangover remedy. But are plain crackers enough to ensure your body’s safety? No! Here are some natural food items that will help you battle your hangover in the most efficient way possible.

Always eat protein-rich food like asparagus. Having asparagus right before you drink provides your body with the enzymes it needs to break down alcohol, and it smoothens your digestive process. Another commonly used hangover solution is drinking loads of water in the morning. An easy trick is to add a pinch of salt to the water. Salty water will help supplant salt stores in your body, which are lost due to excessive urination caused by drinking. The objective is to replace all the lost salt and potassium to your body so that you don’t feel dizzy or dehydrated.

Organic eggs help restock your body with essential vitamins that are flushed from the body due to alcohol consumption. Egg consumption also reinvigorates your body with essential amino acids needed to break down alcohol-based toxins. A certified natural hangover medicine is ginger. Traditionally known to soothe an uneasy stomach, ginger when added with antioxidant and fructose-rich honey helps in flushing out alcohol toxins at once. Remember, when hung-over, not to over-stress your body. Try to eat carbohydrate-rich foods so that your blood sugar levels are restored. Don’t take pharmaceutical drugs when you are hung-over because mixing them with alcohol can have long-term impacts on your health. Natural cures are always safer, and in most cases, more effective!