Flawless, younger-looking skin can instantly grab attention of others. Apparently with aging the natural glow and firmness of the skin reduce drastically which could impact your overall look and personality. Earlier to fix jowls and drooping cheeks, facelift surgery was the only option but now a simple, nonsurgical and cost-effective method known as facial thread lift has been introduced, which is becoming extremely popular among people who want to avoid surgical procedure. With successful facial threading (ร้อยไหม which is the term in thai) patient can get more rested and firm looking skin instantly after the procedure.

Quick recovery time

In today’s fast lifestyle everyone wants a quick result. Thread lift procedure takes 60 minutes and the patients do not have to wait for two to three weeks for recovery and to see the visible outcome. A thread lift is perfect and feasible solution to rid of wrinkles, sagging, creases and folds in the skin for busy professionals or parents of small kids who have their commitment and responsibilities. Although it is a low-risk procedure if you suspect any infection, nerve injuries, migration of sutures, contour irregularities, etc. consult the doctor immediately.

Take proper care

Pre and post-procedure care and precautions play vital role in recovery process hence consider few factors and get best value for your money

  • Avoid touching and rubbing face vigorously for one week
  • Prop your head up slightly while sleeping
  • Stay away from heat exposure such as sauna bath, hair dryer, hot compress, BBQ, etc.
  • Avoid spicy foods and stop smoking

Be well informed

Discuss with the cosmetic surgeon about your health condition, medication, allergies, pain tolerance ability, type of thread used, the material of the thread, estimated cost, etc. beforehand so that you can make informed decisions. Go through the reviews and articles related to the thread lift specialist and the procedure in reliable platforms such as Honestdoc and ask questions to the reputable doctor via this platform and clear all doubts before the procedure.