Other than the annoying symptoms of the illness like runny nose, headache, eye pain, itchy and stuffy nose, our body will also suffer from the unknown source of aches and pains all over the body even if the sickness originated from other parts of the body.

The aches and pains usually make us unable to move and prefer to stick to our bed rather than moving a muscle. Worst, one might have to find a doctor. Because of this, it will also badly affects our mood resulting in a sad and gloomy sick person.

So, what can we do to make us feels better? What can make our sick days improved and help us recover faster? Well, here are some tips to help you going through your sick days. However, if your symptoms do not improve, seek help! Find doctors in Malaysia easily on DoctorOnCall website.

  1. Rest

The first thing to do when you get sick is rest. Treat the illness as a period where you are given time to take a break from everything. Go to the doctor and get the medication you need as well as your well deserved medical certificate if indicated. Leave the job, responsibilities and other things behind, go home and take a goof proper rest. No point in doing work or task half-heartedly when you are not capable to. It might even cause more room for errors or accidents to happen. So, please, take a good and proper rest when you are needed to. Make sure when your body is resting, so does your mind. Free yourself from thinking too much. Eat your meds, lie on your bed, empty your thinking and get into a deep well-rested slumber. You will feel better when you woke up.

  1. Fluids

Hydration is the key. Keep yourself well hydrated even if you are just lying on the bed. Drink plenty of water especially if you are having a fever. Water gets excreted as urine and it brings out salt, waste product as well as heat. Therefore, drinking plenty of water can also help lower your body temperature. Sometimes your palate might not able to accept plain fluids as much as you want or need to during sickness. To ensure you still get enough fluids, get them from fruit juices. Coconut is one of the best options as it does not only taste good but also full of good minerals for your body.

  1. Hot bath

Taking a hot bath is one of the ways to pamper yourself when you are sick. It does not only makes you feel good as it relaxes your painful muscles, but it also helps with your stuffy and blocked nose.

  1. Simple food

Our appetite is usually not good when we are sick, our throat can be burning, the blocked nose and headache can make it difficult to eat. To make us feels better, we definitely have to eat. But don’t choose a complicated meal, no matter how appetising and delicious it is to a normal person, it won’t be the same when you are sick. Instead, choose a small & simple but frequent meal such as hot soup and porridge. Not only they are nutritious but they can also help with the blocked sinus and itchy throat. Add some fresh fruits in your meal, the one that’s easy to eat such as melon and papaya.