How To Grow White Widow Seeds?

Tips for growing White Widow cannabis | Leafly

The white widow seeds are one of the expensive strains of marijuana that is a favorite of many upper-class people. With one ounce being sold at $300-$400 buying white widow seeds is not everyone’s cup of weed. 

This is the correct choice for someone who wants to enjoy and have an excellent time, followed by a sweet time sleeping. With the composition of indica at 60% and the THC levels between 19-25% a nice joint of white widow seeds are sure to help you have an excellent time. 

Once smoked the effects of white widow seeds last for several hours, making sure that they enjoy the time. This article will mainly shed light on how to grow and cultivate white widow seeds properly.

1- Choosing the ideal location

Users can grow white widow seeds indoors and outdoors without any significant complications. If you’re growing white widow seeds for the very first time the ideal choice is to grow five seeds inside. To help get high yields, the seeds can be placed inside a wet towel for good sprouts. To bury them inside the soil using small pots and the solid used should be very good quality. If the soil’s quality is compromised, the chances of getting high yield plants are also very low. 

2- The plant should be placed in a well-lit place

The white widow seeds spend at least eight weeks in the vegetative stage. During this time, experts suggest that the plant must get 18 hours of light per day. Since the plants are placed in small pots after they grow, they must be shifted to bigger pots.

When the plant is being placed in the well-lit room, ensure that the light is kept at a safe distance from the plant. If not, then there are chances that the leaf may have some burnt edges. After the completion of eight weeks, the timing of the light must be changed to 12 hours. For the best flowers, the plant must get 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. 

3- Food for white widow seeds

The three most important supplements needed for proper growth of marijuana plants are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The packaging of the nutrient also mentions the composition of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The nitrogen is mainly given to the plant during its vegetative stage. Once the plants get bigger and are ready for more nutrients, phosphorus and potassium are added to the soil.

These are added so that the level of THC in the plant shall also increase. Ensure that the plants are watered only once a week. People should water the plants once a week if the soil does not properly drain the excess water. If there are necessary arrangements made for proper water and drainage, you might need to water the plants every 3-4 days. 

4- Treating insects on white widow seeds

Though the white widow seeds are resistant to many pests and insect attacks, still some insects come very close to damaging the plant. Such examples of pests are fungi, mites and caterpillars. If the place where the plant grows has more moisture content, then there are chances that the moisture can cause damage to the plant. 

To conclude

The white widow seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors but ensure that the above said points are taken care of for optimum results. For more details on white widow seeds, you should go online at