Tips on Looking Good for Your Age

Is age just a number? With age, we are supposed to be wiser, but what you weren’t told, with age, more wrinkles will appear.  Your body’s collagen production declines as you age, and your skin begins to sag and form wrinkles. The internet is ablaze with age-reversing techniques and ‘magic’ elixirs. But do they really work? We spoke to a cosmetic specialist in Brooklyn to understand the efficacious methods that enable you to look younger than your age.

1. Try laser resurfacing

The power of lasers have profound benefits to your aesthetic appearance. Dermatologists and cosmetologists wield the laser force to employ skin resurfacing techniques that target specific areas of your body.

Laser resurfacing uses highly concentrated energy beams to remove thin layers of the skin through ablative means and stimulate collagen production. Laser resurfacing works from underneath your skin hence ensuring permanence. The length of laser treatment varies depending on the areas and spots you want to resurface. However, it is an outpatient procedure with minimal side effects. The side effects include swelling and itching. Always consult an expert cosmetologist to understand the risks beforehand. If you are looking for skin laxity treatment for a youthful looking skin, Dr. Kim from Aeon Medical provides excellent consultation and effective treatments you all your skin needs.

2. Hydrate

Hydrating is a non-costly way to impart excellent results to your aesthetic appearance and overall health. Water maintains the suppleness of your skin and rids your body of toxins. The suppleness of your skin prevents repetitive facial expressions from forming permanent wrinkles. Water also increases body metabolism to manage weight and flabby skin, the bedrock for undesirable aesthetic appearance. Flawless skin is worth a few trips to the bathroom.

3. Improve your skin tone with facial peels

Facial peels are chemical solutions that peel off the layers of your skin to reveal unblemished skin. Dermatologist centers offer standard chemical peels that correct sun spots, wrinkles, and acne spots. You can, however, customize your chemical peel at home. Chemical peels are abrasive, so you need to consult a specialist before deciding on the formula and concentration of your custom peel.

4. Botox for your gnarly wrinkles

The Kardashians use it, and it is evident the results are exemplary. Botox injections are bespoke for stubborn wrinkle lines. The injectable stimulates collagen production and evens out fine lines on your skin.  Botox also manages excessive sweating and treats migraines. Various aesthetic centers offer Botox services. Only request Botox services at renowned centers to mitigate the risks and side effects.

5. Get some zzz

Binge-watching Netflix is a good pastime event but detrimental to your aesthetic appearance. Puffy eyes the morning after give you a puzzled appearance that many of your colleagues will question. At night your body relaxes the tension in the facial muscles and rejuvenates its healing ability. Get at least 6 hours of sleep on clean bedding every night to slow down the effects of aging on your skin.

Your skin betrays your age. However, you can take some years off your skin by visiting Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center for top-of-the-line cosmetic solutions. Get the aesthetic appearance you want and improve your self-confidence today.