Treating Neck Pain with Ice: How to Do It Right - Upper Cervical  Chiropractors

Have you ever experienced neck pain that forced you to stop doing activities and squirm in discomfort? If so, you know how important it is for your body to remain as healthy as possible. There are many people out there who suffer from neck pain. Some of them get immediate treatment, while others delay their trip to the doctor’s office. If you feel like your neck is in excruciating pain, then you might want to see a specialist in neck pain in Jacksonville right away. However, if you can’t get an appointment until tomorrow, here are some tips to help you relieve some of that pain.

  1. Take a hot shower

A warm shower or bath will help soothe your neck muscles and increase blood flow. If the water is too cold, it could cause vasoconstriction in your nerves and lead to more pain. Make sure the water is not too hot either because this could cause vasodilation, and you might even get a burn on your skin.

  1. Get Some Rest

Your body needs time to heal, so take a break from your daily activities. This is the best way to gain back some of the energy you lost due to the neck pain. Your muscles will also have time to relax, and this will help ease muscle spasms. Just because you have neck pain, it doesn’t mean that you can’t work. If your job requires you to lift things all day, then make sure to wear a vest or a back brace. That way, even if your muscles are sore and stiff, at least the added support will keep those objects from weighing too much on your neck and shoulders.

  1. Try Cold and Heat Therapy

Cold therapy will help reduce inflammation, while heat therapy will relax your muscles. If you have a regular ice pack, then you can use this for your cold treatment. For the best results, though, try using something with water because this will conform to any body part that is injured or sore. You can also do heat therapy with an ordinary heating pad. Experts recommend that you alternate between cold and heat treatment every hour because this will help your body heal faster.

  1. Take Pain Medication

You can either take an over-the-counter pain killer or a prescription medication. If you have muscle spasms, it’s best to see your doctor and ask for a muscle relaxant drug. As long as you don’t have any allergies to the ingredients in the pill, anything will do since most of these medications contain similar active ingredients. Do not take anything more substantial than a prescription-strength medication unless you have consulted your doctor first because the side effects and long-term effects might be dangerous.

In summary, neck pain is relatively common, and it comes in different forms. If you experience neck pain that comes with a fever, you should seek immediate treatment. If not, you can try treating it at home using cold and heat therapy and getting enough rest. Taking pain medication and taking a hot shower can also help manage the symptoms of neck pain as you await treatment.