Dentures are dental options that do not cause pain. It is an option that gives you improved dental hygiene and functioning. But sometimes, there are denture discomfort and pain. Continue reading this guide to know how to identify the cause of denture pain and how to overcome the discomfort.

Types of Dentures

Before going in-depth into the causes of denture pain, let’s examine the different dentures available to a patient. Knowledge of the different types of dentures will give you more understanding about the dentures that will give you more discomfort if not properly taken care of.

There are three types of dentures. They are the complete, intermediate, and partial dentures. The partial dentures do not usually cause discomfort. But the complete dentures might give you some discomfort and pain.

This is because you need to maintain them properly; they have high maintenance procedures. The intermediate dentures need re-alignment over time. Once you realign them regularly, you won’t experience pain and discomfort.

Causes of Denture Pain and Discomfort

Only a dentist can identify the issues that cause denture discomfort and pain. So, you need to go for regular dental checkups. However, apart from that, you might be feeling pain as a result of the following reasons:

  1. Bacteria Build-up

If you don’t clean your dentures regularly, you may have a huge bacteria buildup on the dentures. This bacteria buildup can result in severe pain and discomfort in the mouth. You can even have painful swollen sores in your mouth. If you allow the number of bacteria to increase, the yeast on the dentures will also increase, leaving you at the risk of getting more painful sores in the mouth.

  1. Bad Fit

As the dentist prepares your mouth for dentures, there is a possibility of a change during the healing process. When this change occurs, there is a possibility that the dentures will not fit well in the mouth. And if there is a bad fit, they may cause discomfort when you wear them.

  1. Initial Adjustment Phase

Many patients find the initial adjustment phase discomforting. This is because this phase puts severe pressure on your gums. You might find it a little bit difficult, and throughout this phase, you will be a bit uncomfortable.

Overcoming Denture Pains and Discomfort

Here are some practices you can adhere to when having discomfort and pain from your dentures. These practices will ensure good oral hygiene for you.

  1. Maintenance

Ensure you take good care of your dentures. You must do so if he tells you to wash them twice daily. Follow your dentist’s instructions.

  1. Proper Hygiene

Ensure you keep your mouth clean at all times. Also, keep it free from bacteria. If you don’t, it will cause you to suffer painful sores. And the best way to prevent them is to maintain proper oral hygiene.

  1. Re-fitting or Re-lining

Sometimes, you need to revisit your dentist for re-lining or re-fitting your dentures. This is because some changes might have occurred in your mouth.

To reduce the level of discomfort, you must seek professional help. This will help you understand the causes and what you need to do to overcome the pain and discomfort.