Many people aren’t aware of just how common erectile dysfunction (ED) is. ED is a condition that affects 80 million, or about half of all men in the US at some point in their lives, with the odds going up after passing the age of 40.

BlueChew is a service that was created to give people more choices when it comes to treating this condition. If you’re wondering, ‘Is BlueChew legit?’, we’ll look at the details of this service and whether it’s right for you.

Is BlueChew a Type of Medication?

No. BlueChew is a service that helps men get medication for ED. BlueChew pills don’t exist. How does BlueChew work? With BlueChew, men can sign up, meet with a licensed medical professional online, and then choose a BlueChew plan. The company name was inspired by the chewable tablets it sends out. Their slogan ‘Chew it and do it’ gives men an easy way to remember the function of the company.

Is BlueChew Affordable?

Yes. BlueChew uses non-branded medications that contain the active ingredients in Viagra and Cialis. Because they’re not working with the name-brands, it ensures they can keep costs low for men without sacrificing the quality of the prescriptions they take.  Does BlueChew work? It relies on medical science and tried and true prescriptions to help men with ED.

Men can talk to one of the BlueChew’s healthcare providers to decide whether Sildenafil or Tadalafil is a better fit for them.  Sildenafil is comparable to Viagra and stays in the body for up to 6 hours, while Tadalafil is comparable to Cialis and stays in the body for up to 36 hours.  These aren’t BlueChew pills, but rather BlueChew tablets.

Why Do Men Sign Up for BlueChew?

Is BlueChew legit? This is a question that can really be answered by people who have tried the service. Most people will give varying reasons for what made them want to try it. Here are just a few common scenarios:

  • A member’s regular doctor is extremely busy and will only see patients in-person. Plus, their office is 30 miles away. BlueChew means they don’t have to drive back and forth or wait to make an appointment.
  • A man lives in a small town where everyone knows him and his family. Going to a regular pharmacy would mean running into the same people. BlueChew is a confidential service that means confidential advice and discreetly wrapped prescriptions.
  • A man is tired of swallowing pills all the time. They irritate his throat and he would prefer to have something that is a little more palatable.

ED ultimately can make it difficult for men to feel the confidence they may have once had. Ignoring the condition is definitely not recommended. BlueChew is simply removing some of the barriers that may have once stood in the way before.

Does BlueChew Value Its Members?

Yes. Not only does BlueChew offer stellar customer service, they’re also known for prioritizing safety and privacy. That’s why all tablets are made in the US. Everyone who signs up for a prescription plan knows that they’re getting medication that was subjected to rigorous protocols.

BlueChew wouldn’t be a legitimate company if everyone was allowed to sign up for the service either. This is because not all men will be able to take ED due to pre-existing medical conditions. Members can trust that the medical providers take their health seriously, which may mean that some people will be turned down. Conditions like diabetes or heart disease can be worsened by taking either Sildenafil or Tadalafil.

Is BlueChew Available in All 50 States?

BlueChew is unfortunately not available everywhere due to individual states and their telemedicine laws. Currently, men in North Dakota and South Carolina are unable to sign up for this service, though the company is working hard to be accepted everywhere. If you would like to be notified when this service does become available, you can sign up through the company’s website.

If you’re still wondering ‘Is BlueChew legit?’, it may be worth trying out the service to see what you think. The company offers a number of promotional deals that allow people to make up their own minds. It’s just another way that the company is looking out for those who just need a little extra help to treat their ED.