In this world, a lot of people are facing eye problems. And, many things can cure the problem. Like, using glasses or contact lenses. But these are old things. And, now after the advancement in the medical field if someone is still using glasses or contact lenses then it is not good. Because there are many things in this era that can easily cure the eyesight problem. And, that is by going with the eye surgery. But people also need to understand a lot of different types of eye surgery. Mainly there are two types of eye surgeries that people are going through. That is PRK and LASIK.

So, it depends upon the person which surgery they opt for their eyes. But in most cases, people always go with LASIK. Because it gives a result as soon as the surgery is over. Right after the surgery people can see things clearly without the help of glasses or contact lenses. But it is also about the money which restricts some people by going with the LASIK. So, if someone wants to see a faster result then pay the price. It is for sure that the price will be worth it.

What are the pros and cons of LASIK?

Not everything comes with 100% perfection. So, there are many pros and cons of lasik eye surgery. That is as follows

Pros of LASIK eye surgery

  • The recovery time is very less.
  • Vision will get improved right after the surgery.
  • People can go back to their life after one day.
  • No risk of infection.
  • No bandage is used in surgery.
  • Very little mediation is required.

Cons of LASIK eye surgery

  • It is costly.
  • Not covered by the insurance.
  • Temporary side effects.
  • Not everyone can go with LASIK surgery.

Go with the best person only

It is always better that people choose the experienced person over some newcomers. Especially when it comes to such delicate things. In which a slight mistake can cost a lot. A person might not be able to see again. If something bad happens during the surgery. But with experience people, such things will not happen. So, the person will be safe from any kind of risk.

LASIK eye surgery is costly

Yes, no doubt LASIK is costly. But if someone does the calculation that how much they have spent on glasses and contact lenses. Then, they will see the clear picture. Because of LASIK, a person can save a lot more than the surgery.