Have you heard of the popular saying- “when we want something with passion and innate desire, the universe conspires to make us attain it”? Well, if you believe it, then you know “what is the law of attraction” already! Law of attraction refers to that ability that helps us in attracting on those things in life that we desire truly and have laid our focus upon. This is a universal law and does not vary depending upon the demographic issues or national boundaries etc. It applies uniformly on the entire mankind as it is the law that originates from the deep desire and ability of focus.

It will not be wrong to say that it is the law that uses the power of the mind to focus and compile our thoughts and sanction them to reality. Theoretically, you can relate this law with the popular proverb- “your thoughts will define your actions”. So, in one way the law propagates the power of thoughts through the power of your mind. Thus, if your thoughts are positive, your actions and life will be a positive flow of sequences while if you are doomed into a negative converse of thoughts, the environment around you will be affected by it. You need to constantly remember to move and take breaks, this is why using a pomodoro timer could be one of the most efficient ways to flow with daily tasks at a steady pace.

The Law of Attraction gives hope to the dreamers- if you can imagine it, think it, believe it then you can achieve it! This is the beauty of this law. Therefore, if you have an innate dream in your life, do not give up on it just because you do not have resources right now. Keep believing in the magic and your ideas, thoughts, dreams. Someday, you will witness your dream coming true!

So, how do we define the law of attraction: Just like powerful magnets, the Law of Attraction resonates with the ability to attract, what we focus upon, in our life. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions attract what we send out into the universe- positivity or negativity.

7 popular laws of attraction:

  • Unwavering Desire
  • Conceptualization and Imagination
  • Affirmation
  • Focus with Confidence
  • Profound Belief
  • Gratitude
  • Manifestation

How do you use the law of attraction to attain what you desire the most?

Law of attraction works on the basic principle of the ability to desire and focus but at the same time some amount of hard work and persistent efforts decide the timely attainment of your objective and its intensity in your life for example- you may have wanted to become a successful businessman but if you work hard, you can become successful in a few months or years but if not then you may have to wait until you become aged. Therefore, follow a few steps to make sure that you get the right things at the right time.

  • Get a clear idea of what you want to attain
  • Define the purpose of your desire in your life
  • Focus your time, attention and your willingness towards the attainment of your objective
  • Start working hard to achieve your aim
  • Find like-minded people and get inspired by them
  • Seek your internal motivation and try to keep finding ideas to keep you gong continuously
  • Do not let the failures pull you down
  • Be persistent in your efforts
  • You can take help from your friends, supporters or mentor who can guide you on this journey
  • Keep away from negative people
  • Acquaint yourself with the required knowledge
  • Try, try, try until you succeed
  • Maintain a positive attitude while you are getting closer to fulfilling your dreams with each passing day

You must have heard about how the radio signals make a significant impact from one wave another and make it possible through various mediums- how the sound reaches from one remote corner of the earth to another. Similarly, the vibrations from your mind that is inclined towards the achievement of your life’s ultimate objective acts like your guiding light.

Therefore, just do not let the questions to obstruct you or hold you back whenever you face difficulties. Even the people who began to climb the most difficult mountains in life were not sure whether they will be able to do it ever or not. They too had the share of failure based stories. The key is to keep expecting the miracles and keeping the light of faith in your heart. The law of attraction works for all positive thoughts and desires.