Mr. Abdul Mahfouz and his specialists will welcome you in one of the most valuable clinic in the private sector

This private gynaecologist clinic based in London, at Harley Street is one of the most valuable team of obstetrics, gynaecology and infertility specialists, based also in The Portland Hospital and The Wellington Hospital in London. This clinic has been regarded as one of the most professional and proficient clinics in the private sector, as they have been practicing in the field for over thirty years and have provided the best services and the highest quality of health care to thousands of women, who were happily satisfied.

The clinic covers a wide range of exams and procedures revolving around the women’s health, in order to help them improve their well-being and give the most detailed and effective treatment, especially in the gynaecology sector. One of the most important is the Colposcopy and the Cervical Treatment, which is a procedure that could be carried out after abnormal cervical screening test. They also offer diagnosis and treatments for Uterine Abnormal Bleeding and other similar conditions, such as UTI and Cystitis, Uterine Fibroids, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Ovarian Cysts, Dysmenorrea, Vaginal Irritation and PDI.

Their obstetrics department is also very well known, as they will be the most efficient guide during your pregnancy, though your routine check-ups and visits or with the ultrasound scans. Their purpose will be to prepare you and support you during this journey, even when there could be some issues, such as Congenital Abnormalities And Chromosomal Defects, in order to give to your baby the best life possible. They also have skilled specialists that will provide consultations about infertility, studying each case in detail, in order to provide the best treatment for your personal needs and follow you through the journey of overcoming such a big struggle.

The clinic provides also, in collaboration with a reputable UK Central London accredited laboratory, a Coronavirus COVID-19 testing kit that could be used if some symptoms showed up. The symptoms could vary, from fever, cough to malaise and fatigue. At the discounted price of 200 pounds, the clinic will send you a package with the kit, the instructions for its use and the swab test. After taking the test, you could put the kit inn a closed envelope, send it back to the clinic and just after 2-3 days you could receive your results by e- mail or test. The clinic offers only this kind of tests, following the guidelines given by the NHS.