According to the World Health Organization, Coronavirus (COVID-19) mainly affects the lungs. However, it can also cause damage to the heart. So, if you already have an underlying heart problem, you must be extra careful nowadays.

COVID-19 causes fever, cough, and breathing problems. People with existing diseases like heart conditions, cancer, or blood pressure are always at a higher risk, because COVID-19 affects people over the age of 65 more severely.

Why heart patients are more vulnerable

If you have a heart problem, contracting Coronavirus can cause further health complications. Any medical condition that interrupts blood supply to the brain, like a cerebrovascular disease, will put a patient at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. A weaker heart makes it harder to fight the virus; so, heart patients are more vulnerable.

If you have a heart disease, you need to consider purchasing a Coronavirus health insurance policy, maintain good health, and stick to a healthy diet.

Measures you can take

Heart patients can take certain precautions to remain safe from COVID-19. Below is a list of the most effective safety measures.

  • Avoid getting infected

You may consider opting for health insurance for coronavirus or a health insurance for heart patients if you fear the pandemic, but prevention should also be a priority. For the same, you must follow the guidelines laid down by the Government of India.

Stay away from infected people; wash your hands with water and soap every few hours; do not touch your eyes, mouth, or nose; and wear a face mask when you are in presence of others.

  • Keep in touch with your doctor

It might be impossible to visit your doctor regularly these days, especially if you live in a containment zone. However, if you are a heart patient, you must stay in touch with your doctor via phone or video call. He or she can help you perform self-diagnosis to determine the health of your heart, and then recommend treatments for any signs of ill health.

  • Stay active and healthy

A COVID-19 health insurance policy can help if you need treatment for Coronavirus, but your first goal should be to keep the disease away. You must eat the right foods to build your immunity, exercise regularly for some amount of time, and maintain a regular sleeping pattern to keep your heart as healthy as possible.

In case you or a loved one experiences the onset of a heart attack, visit the hospital immediately. Health insurance policyholders will already have a listed hospital where you can avail of free treatment.

Without wasting any time, you must contact the hospital for an ambulance, which will be covered under the mediclaim. It is essential to be alert and proactive during such an emergency.