10 Myths about Hair Transplants

Who doesn’t like running their fingers through their hair, but sometimes major hair loss can make that a bad experience because it reminds you of the days when you had a full head of hair. If you are somebody who misses running your fingers in your beautiful hair, you must contact the best hair transplant specialist in Lakewood Ranch because this surgery has the capability of getting your beautiful hair back.

Hair transplant is a surgery in which hair follicles are taken from your head and planted on the part that has gone bald. However, there are many misconceptions that people who are not completely informed about this process have about it. This misinformation might be stopping them from using this wonderful procedure.

Let’s have a look at these misconceptions and tell you the real facts.

  • Painful: Many believe that this surgery is painful, however, the truth of the matter is that it is performed under local anaesthesia which makes the surgery a very easy process and you don’t feel any pain.
  • Temporary: People who don’t have enough information, think that the results are not permanent, and your hair will fall out eventually. This is not true about the hair that is grown by hair transplant surgery.
  • Immediate results: This misinformation makes people set unreal expectations for the procedure. However, if you are thinking of getting the procedure done, your doctor will let you know that it might actually take 6 to 12 months to see the results.
  • Unnatural appearance: People are often apprehensive about getting the surgery because they think that the results they get won’t look natural and give an unnatural look to your appearance. Which is again wrong.
  • Only for men: It is also a very common misconception about hair transplant surgery that they are only meant for men or are only successful on a man. Not true because there are many women who have opted for this surgery and got their hair back.
  • Damaged brain: Nobody knows where these myths originated from, but there are people who believe that hair transplant surgery somehow affects the brain and causes harm to it. This myth is as far from the fact as it can possibly be.
  • Costly: People believe that it is just for the rich as it is very costly. But if you actually look into the pricing, you might just find that it is not really as costly as you might think.