Nursing is an art and science. You need to use your heart for art and mind for science. Herein, the heart denotes the respect and care for the patient with the support of the mind to learn something new every day that can help in the treatment of patient. A nursing profession is one such profession where all the nurses must have strength, expertise and passion for their work. Patient care [ดูแลผู้ป่วย, which is the term in Thai] and support is their main responsibility. They don’t only do their work on the basis of test results; nurses are also trained to understand the patient’s physical, biological as well as behavioral needs.

Who are a registered nurses and their responsibility?

Registered nurses are the backbone of the health care institution. They provide health care support even in critical situations. The primary responsibility of registered nurse is to carry out physical examination and study their health history in order to make decisions. They are also responsible for providing counseling and education to patients. Registered nurses administer medications of the patients and coordinate with senior doctors in times of critical conditions. Registered nurses stand at the top of the nursing table. Licensed practical nurses work under the guidance of registered nurses.

Who are advanced practice registered nurses and their responsibility?

Advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) must hold at least a master’s degree along with the knowledge of nursing. They are responsible for providing preventive health care treatment. These nurses prescribe medication for the treatment of minor illnesses. These nurses also handle anaesthetics on the guidance of a medical practitioner. Physical therapist [นักกายภาพบําบัด, which is the term in Thai] that suggests physical therapy of a patient guides the nurse on the routine and the process of therapy. The nurses than manage the daily therapy of the patient.