Research reveals that more and more people are switching to e-cigarettes not because they want to leave this habit but for enhancing social image. However, another part of research shows that people are aware of the harmful effects of nicotine present in e-cigarettes. Moreover, the effort to quit the traditional option can lead to withdrawal symptoms that are highly painful. The other reason why people choose this option over the conventional cigarette is the availability of different flavors. Recently, the prevalence of vaping has also been observed among college youths although the reasons may be separate for this tendency. Quite naturally, the companies producing vaping kits are experimenting with different options to attract the youth.

Access and availability

Another reason for the popularity of smok novo is the accessibility. Today, more and more people can buy these kits online. Moreover, they can also avail them at lower rates. What’s more interesting is the size, shape and design of these kits make them unlike traditional cigarettes. So people can carry and use these kits in all those places where smoking is banned. The belief among young people that the vaping kits are less harmful when compared with the conventional options. Therefore, young people are trying to experiment with this new found option of vaping instead of sticking to the traditional options.

Sleek design

The sleek design of smok novo pods is another reason people use it more frequently nowadays. There are kits that come with device, cable, and pods. Moreover, the availability of attractive colors is an added advantage. With overwhelming options, you will be spoiled for the choice you make. The appearance of these kits are so unique that it appears to be an electronic device for people who are not familiar with them. Despite several findings about vaping kits and the experience they offer, the popularity is on the rise.

Options of customization

The ability to customize the vaping kits another reason why people find them more attractive and appealing than the conventional cigarettes. Whether it is in terms of size or specifications, you have a lot of options from which to choose the right one. When you buy large kits, they include more features. On the other hand, the smaller kits are more portable and can fit anywhere comfortably. If you are planning to experience flavors on the go, the portable kits are anyway handy. You can play with different options of vaping kits before choosing a suitable option.