People consciously neglect the conditions provided by nature for a healthy lifestyle. In the modern world, a rapidly developing industry has been created, which is designed to preserve food products, increase their shelf life, process and significantly modify everything that people have grown with their own labor or taken from nature. Namely: to preserve, flavor, tint. The Peanut Butter supplement is there now.

Use of the Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are synthetic chemical or natural substances that are never consumed on their own, but are only introduced into products to give them certain qualities, for example, taste, texture, color, smell, shelf life, appearance. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the appropriateness of their use and the effect on the body.

Relevance: food additives are used to give products a more appetizing appearance, taste and smell. Initially, natural ingredients made from natural raw materials were used as additives. With the development of the chemical industry, food additives began to be produced artificially. We began to make such synthetic additives as dyes, preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers, antioxidants.

The need for food additives is to increase the competitiveness of products. Food additives are mainly introduced to improve the consumer qualities of food. The main principle of the use of food additives is “harmlessness”, this means the absence of toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic properties. However, some types of food additives can have a very negative effect on the human body, they can cause upset stomach and intestines, affect blood pressure, cause a change in skin integument (rash), etc. Recently, low-quality products have been entering the market. A number of products containing banned food additives in Russia come from abroad. For example, in the USA it is allowed to process poultry meat with chlortetracycline, an antibiotic. The Zotezo supplement option is there now.

For millennia, people have used nutritional supplements. Since the earliest times, people have been looking for ways to improve the taste of food, its smell and color, and a variety of additives have been used for this, including such familiar substances as vinegar, sugar, salt, as well as some natural dyes. For example, sometimes sulfur dioxide or various spices were used to stabilize wine.

  • Some supplements have a very rich history. For example, the history of such a dye as carmine (now additive E120) stretches from the time of biblical legends. In those days, it was just purple paint obtained from insects, which was popular throughout the world. After several centuries, carmine began to be used in Europe, as well as in Asia, and especially in Mexico, where the best form of this supplement comes from. They used it both for dyeing fabrics and for giving a special color to products, despite the fact that its harmlessness to the human body was established only in the 20th century. Then there is the Biotin Supplements.


In fact, many other nutritional supplements began to be actively studied only in the 19th – 20th centuries. The turning point in the history of food additives was precisely the 19th century, when people began to pay attention to the preservation of perishable products during transportation, and it was then that numerous flavorings and colorings began to be used for the first time, and in a short period of time around 500 various additives appeared in the world. Given that they can be represented in various combinations, this figure can significantly increase.

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